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What Happened To Audrey Lim In The Season 5 Finale Of The Good Doctor?

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The entire Season 5 of ABC’s smash-hit series ‘The Good Doctor ‘ is a bittersweet affair.

Is Audrey Lim Dies In The Season 5 Finale Of The Good Doctor, Find Out More!

Especially, fans were perplexed when there was an implication in the season finale that Doctor Audrey Lim, the character portrayed by Christina Chang, is not going to return for Season 6.

What Happened To Audrey Lim In The Season 5 Finale Of The Good Doctor

Is Audrey Lim dead?

The season finale was aired on May 16, 2022, and it featured that Lea Dilallo and Shaun Murphy, two of the most prominent characters in the show, are finally getting engaged. Not only that, but it also included the scene where Audrey was attacked by Owen, leaving her fatally wounded.

While fans are speculating that Audrey may not survive the attack, it is still early to say anything for sure. The writers of the show have already hinted that there will be some major changes in season 6 of The Good Doctor when it comes to character development and continuity of the storyline.

The truth will finally be revealed when season 6 gets released. Still, Audrey Lim is suspected to be one of the characters who are most likely to die, along with Dalisay Villanueva.

What happened to Lim in the finale:

Previously, nurse Villanueva submitted her resignation to Audrey in order to become self-reliant. Audrey refused it and gave the emotionally troubled nurse a place to stay in her own house.

Villanueva used to get abused by her ex Owen on a regular basis, which Audrey knew and that is why she refused to accept her resignation. Moreover, she made it clear that Villanueva can stay in her place as long as she wants, with no strings attached.

In episode 18, when the fellow doctors at St. Bonaventure set up a wedding ceremony for Lea and Shaun on the roof of the hospital building, a heinous act was going on in the break room that is two floors below the wedding ceremony. Lim went there to find more glasses, but instead what she found was a pool of blood. It was nurse Villanueva who was badly injured.

The entire scene was gory, to say the least. When Lim realized it, she rushed to the nurse and put pressure on her wound. Subsequently, Villanueva was trying to speak and warn Lim about the looming danger that was still around.

Moments later, Owen emerged from the shadows and attacked Lim with a knife. He plunged it into her body twice, before running away. The episode ended with both women lying on the floor, fatally wounded and uncertain of whether they will be revived in time or not, as everyone else is in the wedding and any kind of call for help will certainly not reach their ears over the loud music.

In closing:

This incident directly correlates to NBC’s ER, another medical drama series from the year 2000. In that tv series, Doctor  Knight and Doctor Carter were treating an unwilling patient. During the valentine’s day party, both of these doctors were attacked by that patient in a dark exam room and nobody came to help them.

Christina Chang has not said anything regarding the cliffhanger yet, only time will tell what lies ahead for Audrey Lim in season 6.

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