Briana Celebrates The Winning Of The Lawsuit Against Kailyn

Briana Celebrates The Winning Of The Lawsuit Against Kailyn

Recently the news of Briana DeJesus throwing a massive party to celebrate Kailyn Lowry’s Lawsuit dismissal is very widespread.

The lawsuit was done against Briana by Kailyn, but it got dismissed in favor of Briana.

Brianna Celebrates Winning The Case Against Kailyn, See More!!

Both actresses have played the roles of two different moms in the series “Teen Mom 2” and “Pregnant,” respectively.

Briana Celebrates The Winning Of The Lawsuit Against Kailyn

Revelry between Briana and Kailyn:

The news of them being rivals and their fights with one another is not an uncommon occurrence, but the news of a lawsuit getting filed against one is news to fans from both sides.

The fighting between the two had stopped for some time back in the early 2000s, but after Kailyn divorced her ex-husband in 2017 and the news of Briana dating her ex-husband, the hostiles took a whole new form.

To the surprise of all the fans, this love triangle led to various verbal accusations and harsh words between the two actresses. It also sometimes led to close fighting between the two, as it occurred during the previous season’s reunion.

Timeline of Clashes:

The fight between Briana and Kailyn died out entirely back in 2018 as Javi and Briana divorced. But, it was not over entirely as it started to grow in the last years due to Kailyn being arrested for punching Chris Lowry, her ex-boyfriend.

In one of the instances, Briana, who is notorious for reporting and deleting posts due to controversies, claimed that Chris’s story of assault was very much true. She also further points out that the thirty-year-old actor Kailyn had also attempted to break into his house of Chris several times.

These comments on Kailyn’s arrest caused a rise in tension between the two actresses. It finally boiled over, and Kaily filed a defamation case against Briana DeJesus.

Party News:

After the dismissal of the lawsuit in favor of Briana, the actress is busy hosting a party to celebrate her winning the lawsuit.

Briana has been celebrating the party on social media also. As per some reports, she posted an image of an amazon cart that included a clown suit, handheld mirror, and a clown makeup kit. The cart also had the message “F****** Clown!”. 

Briana has hosted a party in Florida, where he invited some of her close friends and her parents. The primary color of the party was pink, and the guests drank from syringes.

The cake and cupcakes were also pink but contained a message directed toward Kailyn herself.

She had also invited one of her co-stars from the Teen Mom series, Jenelle Evans, who later commented, “Briana knows how to throw a party for people.”

The massage in the cakes was directed towards Kailyn. As per some reports, it was mainly due to the constant harassment caused by Kailyn during the count sessions with Briana.

On the other hand, after losing the case in court, Kailyn has decided to stay away from the media. She has only quoted that she will respect the decision taken by the court and try to focus more on her career and her children.

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