Star Alison Oliver Makes A Strong Case For More Sex Scenes On TV, Find Out More!!

Star Alison Oliver Makes A Strong Case For More Sex Scenes On TV, Find Out More!!

 Alison Oliver is a Hollywood actress who has appeared in films such as The Other Woman and TV shows including How I Met Your Mother, The Good Wife, and more. Alison Oliver, who plays the wife of Marc Maron’s character on the Netflix series Conversation with Friends, has a theory about sex scenes.

Is It Time For More Sex Scenes On TV? Alison Oliver Sees It That Way, See More!!

In this exclusive interview, Oliver talks about why she thinks more sex scenes should be included on TV shows, how they can be used as agents of change and why they don’t always have to be sexualized or explicit to be effective.

Oliver is one of the few women to appear in a sex scene in recent years, even though she says that conversations about sex are becoming more commonplace on television.

The actress has spent much of her career playing characters who are sexually liberated. In American Pie, she played Heather Wachowski; in Suburbicon, she played Maggie Gyllenhaal’s best friend; and now, in Conversation with Friends, she plays Annie, whose husband is played by Marc Maron.

Annie is an artist who has an affair with another woman while her husband is away at work — something that would have been unthinkable just a few decades ago.

Star Alison Oliver Makes A Strong Case For More Sex Scenes On TV, Find Out More!!

Alison Oliver’s Interview:

Oliver, who plays Frances in the show, spoke to INSIDER about her character’s sex life and how she believes more people in Hollywood should be open to talking about sex on screen. Alison Oliver has never been one to shy away from sex scenes.

But even she was surprised when her character on the Netflix series Conversation with Friends (which just dropped its second season) got down and dirty.

Oliver’s experience with nudity on screen is somewhat unique among women in Hollywood. While she’s not opposed to doing nude scenes, she says it can be difficult for her to find roles where this scene fits into the plot — especially when she was starting in an industry that often favors beautiful female bodies over substance and talent.

Trouble on the Scene:

One of the biggest challenges? Sex scenes! They’re not common on television shows — especially ones that aren’t explicitly about sex (like Game of Thrones). And yet, those scenes are integral to Conversation With Friends, which follows two couples as they navigate love and life in London.

Oliver said there was never really a discussion about whether or not there should be sex scenes in the show — it was just something that happened as they wrote it together with Cullen and directed by Cullen.


Alison Oliver is a star of the popular Netflix show Conversation with Friends. She’s also an actress and writer who has appeared in films like The Reunion and A Lot Like Love.

Oliver has recently become more vocal about her desire for more sex scenes on television and in film. She told Vulture that she thinks there’s a big problem with how women are portrayed as sexual beings on screen.

Oliver said that she would love to see more female characters who are allowed to be sexual beings without being judged or punished for it by people in their lives or society.

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