Marc Anthony Tried To Hid His Tattoo That Was Dedicated To JLo

Marc Anthony Tried To Hid His Tattoo That Was Dedicated To JLo

As the news spread, Marc and Nadia Ferrera are going to tie a knot and according to their decision, they just changed the ring a few days before. A glimpse of their engagement they shared on Instagram.

Top Things To Know About Marc Anthony’s Age, Early Life, Net Worth, Height!!

Though it sounds quite charming and exciting there’s a past that has been tried to hide by Marc Anthony that of the tattoo on his finger. On her 23rd birthday of Ferrera, she shared a photo of her and her fiancé where her fiance’s hand is placed on her waist. It is assumed that through the ring Marc is trying to hide the tattoo.

Marc Anthony Tried To Hid His Tattoo That Was Dedicated To JLo

Marc Anthony’s Bio: 

Marco Antonio Muniz Rivera adopted the professional name Marc Anthony who is an American songwriter, singer, and also actor. He holds the position of the top tropical salsa singer which remained unchangeable till now.

He is a three-time Grammy award winner and he won the Latin Grammy award six times. Most of the albums sold worldwide gained popularity.

Date Of Birth16 September 1968
Height5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
Weight64 Kg
ProfessionSinger, Songwriter, And Actor
Net Worth$80 million

Marc Anthony’s Early life:

Marc Anthony is the son of Feipe Muniz and Gulliermina Rivera, born on 16th September 1968 in New York City. He grew up Roman Catholic. He got his interest in music genetically from his father as his father was a professional guitarist.

He started learning music when he was a child and he learned most of the genres of music like rock music, rhythm and blues, pop songs, classic music, and more from his father. 

Marc Anthony’s Personal life:

As Marc used to be a member of the Democratic Party thus, in the year 2012 he attended Democratic National Convention where he performed The Star-Spangled Banner.  In 2016 he and his ex-wife Jennifer Lopez were invited to perform a concert together, at that time he was in the practice Roman Catholic.

In 2004 marc and Jennifer got married and they enhanced their family by giving birth the twin children in 2008. Jennifer was marc’s third wife. In 2011 the couple officially announced their divorce and as a mother, Jennifer attained custody of the twin children.

After getting separation Anthony again moved forward to tie a knot with De Lima who is a model but the marriage did not work out as usual.  Currently, Anthony got engaged to Nadia Ferreria on 13th May 2022.

Did he hide the bold tattoo or there is another reason?

A day before Ferreria put a picture of her engagement on her Instagram story. While she is demonstrating her engagement ring openly, her fiancé Anthony is trying to hide his bold tattoo by his ring.

According to the information, he tattooed it on his finger when he was married to Jennifer. Though Anthony got several tattoos all over his body after their spilt he covers them up as the tattoo was on the name Jennifer.

He has also tattooed his six children. In 2020 he posted a picture on his Instagram where he showed a tattoo on his second child Christian. Thus, there’s nothing to hide, it is just a picture.

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