Magnum PI Ended After Season 4, See Cast, Plot, And Review!!

Magnum PI Ended After Season 4, See Cast, Plot, And Review!!

Magnum PI is the action-drama series broadcast on television. It is one of the most-watched series in the country due to its excellent storyline.

Is Magnum PI Going To End After Season 4? Find Out More!!

The movie includes daring adventures and furious fight scenes where survival becomes the only option.

Although the show has received a 6 rating on IMDb, it still has a huge fan following base. The reaction from the people is quite good regarding this new series on television.

Magnum PI Ended After Season 4, See Cast, Plot, And Review!!

Story of Magnum Pi:

Magnum Pi is based on a Navy SEAL retired officer who returns from Afghanistan. As a result of his past action-packed life, he cannot completely give up his military skills and live an ordinary life.

Thus, he joins the local investigative officer team as an investigator in the state of Hawaii. 

The whole series revolves around how he solves some of the most complex and interesting cases in the whole country.


The show is inspired by the original “magnum PI” series, which used to be broadcasted on television during the late 90s but was later discontinued. 

The new series was started by Davis Entertainment, Universal Television, in collaboration with CBS Studios.

The new series is also being broadcasted on CBS and has already released its fourth season. Each episode in this series has an all-new exciting adventure waiting to be explored. 

Previous Seasons Review:

Magnum PI has had a pretty positive reaction from its fans as of now. The story of season four has helped the series boost its overall view count on television.

The new series is based on an ex-con who later dies due to an accidental fall at his construction job site. The story starts when the man’s wife, ravaged by the sudden loss of her husband, starts to speculate about the involvement of some foul play in his death and hires Magnum as the lead investigator of the case.

While on the other side of the story, we got to see TC taking Shammy with him on his last chopper trip with his clients, as he will start flying solo.

But, Shammy finds out that the clients are real armed drug dealers and hijacks their craft, which later forces Shammy and TC to land in Molokai.

At the end of season four, we are left with the massive news that Magnum is dating one of his fellow detective named detective Kaleo.

Is Magnum Pi going to end after Season 4?

As per the recent reports, it has become evident that the last episode of Season four, where Magnum finally starts to date Kaleo, is going to be the season finale and the whole series finale.

CBS Studios has announced that they are ending the “Magnum PI” series, with the last season being season four.

The news pretty amuses the fans, and it is also quite shocking as it had an excellent storyline that, if continued, would have won many awards.

Nevertheless, the story has ended on a good note as in the end, the case was solved, and Magnum found his love and decided to settle down in life.

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