Calvin Klein Hit With Criticism Over Pregnant Transgender Men Campaign

Calvin Klein Hit With Criticism Over Pregnant Transgender Men Campaign

Though transgender pregnancy is becoming increasingly common, there are many people who are trying to keep themselves on outdate. Unlike the other brand owners, Calvin Klein chose to demonstrate something different in promoting his brand.

Calvin Klein Criticised For Campaign Featuring Pregnant Transgender Men

On mothers’ day, he shared one of the pictures for which his brand is being attacked by some of his followers. Also, some typical comments take place on the comment box which again portrays a queer way to spend one’s time.

Calvin Klein Hit With Criticism Over Pregnant Transgender Men Campaign

Calvin Klein and Erika 

One of the most famous fashion brands Calvin Klein Inc was established in 1968 and was founded by Calvin Klein himself. The specializations of the brand are ready-to-wear, leathers, lifestyle accessories, jewelry, and perfume.

As we know that brand owners always try to choose an attractive subject to promote their brand. Thus, on mother’s day, a transgender man is showcased in an advertisement for which Calvin is highly trolled by some of his followers. 

Many wrote “blocked”, “goodbye”, “cancelled”, “now there’s no way buy of this brand”, ”men can never give birth”, on the comment box except the one who appreciated this advertisement by writing “thank you for posting a different kind of motherhood.”

The one also added that he is quite happy and pleased to see this anti exclusivity campaign by a worldwide famous brand like Calvin Klein. People are accustomed to the pictures of children and mothers on a very special day. But this is out of the addition to watching a couple with transgender pregnancy.

Erika Fernandes and Roberto Bete

The brand shared the picture of Erika Fernandes and Roberto Bete (a transgender man) with a caption where he wrote that day (mother’s day) with a women’s and mother’s appreciation all over the world, they are very glad to take attention to portray the realities of a new family.

Erika and Roberto are two famous Brazilian reality stars. These two stars are in their advanced stage to be parents.

In a very unusual way, Robert is going to birth their son Noah. In the picture, Erika is wearing a CK sports bra and bottoms. The couple stated that they are biologically free thus their only intention is to love and to be loved.

Trolled for the advertisement 

As the post becomes viral on social media, many users of the brand are threatened by saying “boycott”, “woke campaign”, and “it’s time to ditch you”. Standing against all these hateful comments, Calvin has told that the brand never stepped back from these subtle things.

The brand owner also stated that they embrace choosing the platform on social media for an exclusive individualism and expression on mother’s day.

It is said by the higher authority that it is not about the brand rather if they find something harmful or anything intolerant, it will be instantly removed and the account will be blocked. A few things that need to be remembered is that being a transgender man, he has the right to be a mother just like any other woman.

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