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Replacement Of Star In Bridgerton Season 3, Find Out Who Is It?

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Bergeron is one of the current hit shows present on Netflix. It has already broken many of the previous view count records within such a short time while being on Netflix.

A Star In Bridgerton Season 3 Has Changed, Check Out Who It Is?

Bergeron is a series on Netflix based on the light novels written by Julia Quinn. It is one of the newest shows and premiered its first season in December 2020. It has a fascinating storyline. 

Replacement Of Star In Bridgerton Season 3, Find Out Who Is It

What is the show about?

The show follows the family of Bridgertons which has a widowed matriarch named Violet, played by Ruth Gemmell, and her eight grownup children.

The story proceeds as all the children start to seek love and desire to get married among the highest parts of British Society.

Each season is based on the challenges faced by each of the eight children to find their one true love and finally get married. Thus, there are eight novels for each of the eight children.

The first of the two-season has already been released, comprising multiple episodes.

Season One:

The show’s first season follows the story of the eldest child in the family named Daphne. She is the eldest daughter of Violet. She was searching for her soon-to-be husband when she met Simon Basset, who is also the Duke of Hastings.

Season Two:

The second season is based on the eldest son of Violet named Anthony and his epic love story. His story is a fascinating one of the enemy to lovers. He finally falls in love with his long-time enemy Kate Sharma. 

Netflix and the show producers are especially keen on continuing this epic love story of Anthony due to its exciting storyline.

What is the possibility in Season 3?

The third season will be about Benedict, who is the son of Violet and is madly in love with an ear’s daughter named Sophie Beckett. The story is similar to that of Cinderella-type lore, as the woman Benedict loves the most is living a miserable life due to her hateful stepmother.  

Replacement of role of Francesca in Season 3

Francesca is one of the least known and youngest members of the family. She generally remains reserved and keeps everything to herself only.

It is expected that she will become the main character in future seasons and take the central role.

If we go through the original novels written by Quinn, she will fall in love in the sixth novel and become the leading character.

As per the recent reports, the role of Francesca is now going to be played by Hannah Dodd. She is popularly known for appearing in “Anatomy of a Scandal” and in “Enola Holmes,” both of which are award-winning shows.

Previously in the show, the role of Francesca was played by Ruby Stokes, but due to her recent schedule conflict with Netflix’s new show “Lockwood & Co,” she is leaving the role.

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