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Dead Space Remake Release Date Confirmed, See More!!

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The upcoming remake of Dead Space, a horror video game, is becoming the topic of discussion among gamers. It is survival horror, just like its predecessor. After the release of Dead Space 3 in the year 2013, this is the next major release that is going to revive the Dead Space franchise.

When Will Dead Space Remake Get Released? Find Out More!!

Motive Studios has promised a mind-bending experience in the remake of Dead Space, and it is going to be released soon. This game provides a single-player mode only, although there is an ongoing discussion about bringing in the co-op mode.

Dead Space Remake Release Date Confirmed, See More!!

Dead Space Remake Trailer and Release Date:

The trailer of Dead Space Remake is released 9 months ago. It flaunts cutting-edge graphics enhancements and visual improvements over the original one. Recently Motive held a developer live stream, on which they further discussed the improvements in detail.

The game is finally going to be released on 27th January 2023, given the fact that everything goes according to plan.

Synopsis: The plot of the Dead Space Remake will be the same as the original, but a few tweaks have been made by the developer so that the replayability factors stay intact. In the original Dead Space, Issac Clarke, the main protagonist in the original Dead Space game, was a silent character.

However, in this iteration, the role of Isaac Clarke is voiced by Gunner Wright, who previously voiced the same character in Dead Space 2 and 3 as well. The biggest changes that have been made in the game are the redesigned characters, model assets, and claustrophobic environments.

This game will have uninterrupted cut-scenes, unlike the original one. The old game was limited to only one color (dark brown), but the new version is re-designed on multiple levels.

As the developers worked on it for several months, they said that it felt quite exhausting to develop the weapons because of the clunky mechanisms of the Frostbite game engine.

This engine was also used for developing Star Wars: Squadrons and it is notorious for its complexities. In order to accelerate production, the plasma cutter and pulse Rifle have been replaced.

Hardware requirements :

Those who are looking forward to playing the game should keep a few pointers in mind regarding the hardware requirements for their PCs to ensure buttery-smooth gameplay. Your PC should at least have a 4th-gen Intel Core i5, 6 GB RAM, Nvidia GeForce GTX 760, or AMD Radeon R7 260X GPU.

Keep in mind that we are talking only about the minimum requirements here. In order to increase the frame rate, you need to increase the specs of your PC as well.


Dead Space remake promises console-quality graphics, which roughly means that it will be close to unplayable on a low-end PC. You never know what type of horror elements this game is going to through at you, and you alone have to tackle it all without any kind of friendly help. In the ending of the official reveals trailer, ‘Cut off their limbs’ was written on the wall, which said it all.

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