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Dark Season 4 The Final Season Of CW, See Release Date, Plot, Cast!!

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In the Dark is an American Crime thriller-based show. It has quite an extensive fan base in the US compared to other shows due to its exciting storylines. 

How Soon Will Dark Season 4 The Final Season Get Released?

The show was first launched in January of 2018 by “The CW’. It was created by Corinne Kingsbury and started to get aired back in 2018-19 after getting the green signal from “The CW.”

One of the main distinguishing features of this show is that it is one of the first sets of series to have “Descriptive Video Service Audio.”

So far, there are three seasons of the show which has already been aired. It is interesting to note that the show has gotten substantial fan followings. Due to the massive followings, the show is so far not canceled as “The CW” has a notorious record of canceling any shows.

As reports suggest, season four will be the new season coming out this year.

Dark Season 4 The Final Season Of CW, See Release Date, Plot, Cast!!

When Will Season four be released?

The filming regarding the fourth season had already started back in November of 2021 and finished in May 2022. The speed at which the filming is done is quite impressive. 

The date of release for the brand new season will be June of this year. 


The main story of “In the Dark” is all about a blind woman in her twenties named “Murphy.” She is quite a lonely person with only two friends of her own. One of her friends is Jess, who is also her roommate of Murphy while her other friend is a drug dealer named Tyson.

Tyson was responsible for rescuing Murphy from a violent attack in the past, but later on, he was killed by the gang. 

The story begins when Murphy accidentally comes across the dead body of Tyson, and she is disappeared by the gang. 

The blind woman is entirely disappeared by the gang, and the police are reluctant to get involved. The reluctance of the police to investigate their daughter’s disappearance forces the parents of Murphy to take the case into their own hands.

They also own a school named “Guiding Hope,” which is also the place where Murphy works.


The show will get released in June of this year. As a result, it won’t be a summer premiere, unlike the show’s previous seasons.


The series’s main characters involve Perry Mattfelf, Morgan Krantz, Keston John, Brook Markham, and many more.

But, the main character of the new season is not revealed to the public. It mainly depends now on the storyline of this season. 

It is expected that Mattfeld will be there as an essential character, but the rest is not known clearly.

Is Season Four will be the last of CW?

It is confirmed by “The CW” in interviews that it will be the concluding season of the “In the Dark” series.

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