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Grey’s Anatomy Jackson And April’s Return Story, See More About It!!

Grey’s Anatomy is a famous and widely watched medical drama show across America. It has been a significant hit and has received several awards, including multiple nominations for best acting and storyline. 

Check Out Grey’s Anatomy Jackson’s Return Story And April’s Return Story

The show got first broadcasted by the ABC network back in 2005 and has continued since. It had also earned a Golden Globe award back in 2007 for becoming the best drama show.

The plot mainly focuses on the professional life of medical practitioners and their personal love life.

It portrays the struggles one has to go through to become a successful doctor and medical practitioner.

What is Grey’s Anatomy about?

The story starts with their struggle as interns to get permanent residency. But later on, their struggle becomes more severe as they get their residency and several interns work under them.

The drama occurs in Grace Hospital in Seattle, where all the medical students face several challenges that would ultimately set them up to succeed as doctors separately.

As per the recent seasons, the love life of all the characters is mainly in focus as many starts to fall in love among themselves or with various patients.

The show’s name is also iconic here as the decisions taken by medical practitioners are often controversial and require some sacrifice. Thus, the decisions are neither wrong(black) nor right(white). All the decisions lay in an intermediate gray zone all across the show.

Characters in the show:

The show initially had the leading character named Meredith Grey, along with all the other practitioners, including Richard Webber, Cristina yang, Miranda Bailey, and more.

Jesse Williams Teases the return of Jackson and April:

Jesse Williams, who has been playing the role of Dr. Jackson, will return to the show for a short while. 

He is expecting that the fans of Jackson and April will be excited about his appearance on the four hundredth show of Grey’s Anatomy.

As suggested by some sources, the new episode may not be the last episode of the season. Jesse himself commented that the show will go a long way and may outlive all the people acting in it.

Jesse also told an interviewer that he is very much excited regarding the new turn of events that will take place in the story of Jackson and April. 

He further gave a hint that fans might be able to see them on the “same display.” He also hinted about season 19, which will be released this year in the fall.

Many fans of both the characters had previously requested Jesse for a comeback along with April. As a result of this widespread demand, the crew finally agreed to the idea of bringing Dr. Jackson and Dr. April back.

The pair have already filmed their reunion scene, which might act as the season finale. A small part of that scene was posted on Sarah Drew’s (Dr. April) Instagram account last April.

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