Tyler Oakley’s Age, Height, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Career, Early Life

Tyler Oakley's Age, Height, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Career, Early Life

Tyler Oakley is a YouTuber popularly known for being an activist representing the LGBTQ community across America. 

He rallies for LGBTQ rights, mental health, problems based on social issues, and education for the LGBTQ people. He is also known to actively play a part in preventing suicide and self-harm done by young people.

Things To Know About Tyler Oakley’s Career, Net Worth, Girlfriend

He also has a large subscriber count on youtube and releases various entertaining videos about politics, current events, and pop culture. 

He also did “The Tyler Show,” which got aired on the DeGeneres Ellentube platform. It also helped him to get wide recognition across the youtube platform.

Tyler Oakley's Age, Height, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Career, Early Life

Tyler Oakley’s Age:

Tylor came into this world in March of 1989 in his hometown of Jackson, Michigan.

As reports suggest, he is currently 31 years of age and has reasonably good health.


The 31 years, old youtube has a height of 5 foot 5 inches and a total body weight of about 68kgs.

Tyler Oakley’s Current Girlfriend:

Tylor, from the very beginning, is open about being gay. He previous use to date Antony Russo until 2020, when they slip.

As a result of being gay, he actively supports the LGBTQ community across the country via the help of his youtube channel, which is quite popular.

He is also very open about his relationship status and personal problems regarding it to his followers.

Tyler Oakley’s Networth:

Tylor has an estimated net worth of about 8 million dollars, as his financial reports suggest. He is a very hard-working and dedicated person who releases videos at regular intervals, and most of the content released is very interesting. Thus, it is safe to say his net worth will be growing in the coming years.

He mostly made his capital from this time in The Tyler Show which got aired on the Ellentube platform.

Who is Tyler Oakley Dating?

Tylor Oakley, a gay American YouTuber, is very open about his relationship status with his followers.

As per his Instagram posts and reports, he was previously dating Anthony Russo, a product manager at Netflix. They had met back in 2018 with the help of a dating app, after which they started to date each other. But, recently, they broke up after 2020.

The news of the breakup is not yet confirmed, but it is a strong possibility that there are no longer any posts where they are spotted together.

Previously, the duo had posted multiple images and videos portraying them together, which showed that they had a solid bond, but later, those posts stopped by late 2020. Thus, it is suggested they broke up for personal reasons.

The current boyfriend of Tyler Oakley is known, and any information regarding him is not yet released to the public.

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