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Pregnant Sophie Turner Covers Up Her Baby Bump As She Steps Out With Husband Joe Jonas

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One of the popular actresses Sophie Turner and her husband Joe Jonas are to be the parents soon. There was a rumor regarding their pregnancy but they did not open up anything to the media.

Recently they are spotted in black attires, wearing mask and sunglasses in Los Angeles, and it explicitly makes fans sure that she is in her advanced stage to be a mom.

Getting Out With Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner Covers Up Her Baby Bump

Sophie and her husband lead a private life as they do not like to open up anything to the media about their private life. Thus, they did not talk about the pregnancy.

Previously she was spotted in loose-fitting dresses since then it started assuming that probably she is going to be a mother. Earlier she was captured with a gown that was basically a maternity dress.

Pregnant Sophie Turner Covers Up Her Baby Bump As She Steps Out With Husband Joe Jonas

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’s Relationship

The love story between Sophie and Joe is quite known among their fans. Joe and Sophie started dating in 2016. They first met through their common friend. But they did not say anything about their relationship until Joe put a diamond ring in front of Sophie with down knees. The cost of the ring is nearly $150,000. That is exactly when their relationship became public.

Though they started dating in 2016, their relationship came in front of people in 2017, and they tied a knot in 2019 while the Las Vegas ceremony was going on and the 2019 Billboard Music Award was completed.

They got married in a very formal way in France. In the year 2020, they become parents by welcoming their daughter Willa. Unlike the other couple after their first love anniversary, they adopted a little puppy as a child named Porky Basquiat and posted several pictures of her. The couple also created a new page for their puppy which is usually operated by them together.

First Proposal and Kiss

Joe first proposes to her in 2016. The first kiss happened to them at the King Leon Concert in Rotterdam where they went to attend the MTV Europe music award 2016 as an actor and actress in the most famous drama Game of Thrones.

In 2017 Sophie shared a picture of Joe smoking a cigar on her profile. After that, they were spotted walking hand in hand on the way to attend a fashion week in Paris.

Engagement Ceremony

After Sophie accepts him they both celebrated an exclusive party which took place in Manhattan Restaurant Mamo. In that very year, they got engaged. Many stars like Ansel Elgort, Ashley Graham, Justin Ervin (a well-known director), Tom Holland, and more were invited to the engagement party. And then in 2019, they tied the knot in a very usual way.

Going On A Rumor About The Pregnancy

On the last Monday, Joe and Sophie are captured in a brown dress which explicitly indicates that she is to be a mother. It was only a few days before Sophie told that she is rising a new generation in her and that is all about her life right now. They both are very excited about extending their family and feel blessed.

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