Jimmy Donaldson’s Age, Height, Net Worth, Relationship, Career, Movies

Jimmy Donaldson's Age, Height, Net Worth, Relationship, Career, Movies

Jimmy Donaldson, also known by his popular youtube name “Mr.Beast,” is one of the most famous YouTubers around the globe. He is well-known for doing insane challenges along with his friends.

Lesser Known Facts About Jimmy Donaldson’s Career, Net Worth

He also has a burger chain set up across the country, providing quality burgers at a very cheap rate, and he entirely owns the franchise.

Jimmy Donaldson's Age, Height, Net Worth, Relationship, Career, Movies

Jimmy Donaldson’s Biography:

Mr.Beast, a.k.a. Jimmy, started his youtube channel back when he was just thirteen years old. He began his career on youtube by posting his first video back in 2012., which used to be mainly about gaming, but later on, he moved to much more thrilling videos. 

He later started to do various insane challenges along with his team, and also his collaboration with many popular YouTubers led to him becoming worldwide famous by the year 2017.

Since 2017, most of his videos have been about challenges, and all of them bring a large view count to the channel itself.

He makes a lot of significant giveaways and donations to various churches and relief centers which also generates a lot of support for his channel. 

Jimmy Donaldson’s Real Name:

Beast’s real Name is Jimmy Donaldson, and he is the son of Stephen Donaldson. He belongs to a devoted Christian family.

He tries to remain a devoted Christian by creating a habit of reading the bible daily along with his family. 

Jimmy Donaldson’s Age:

Beast came into this world in May of 1998. He was born in Kansas, USA.

As per current reports, his age is 23 years.

Jimmy Donaldson’s Height:

Beast has a height of 6 feet and 1 inch and a healthy body weight of about 75kgs.

His facial features include dark brown eyes along with brown hair.

In most of his videos, he seems happy and does a lot of charity work.

Jimmy Donaldson’s Net Worth:

Beast has a net worth of about 52 million dollars as per recent reports about his finance management. 

His financial growth is quite fascinating as when compared to his previous year’s reports, his net worth has been exponentially rising. It is expected that he will become more affluent in the future.  

He usually earns a lot of his capital from revenue sharing, sponsors, merchandise sales, and his extensive collection of fast food points present across the country.

Jimmy Donaldson’s Girlfriend:

Beast is currently unmarried, as per reports. He is currently inactive with his girlfriend, Maddy Spindell, with whom he started to date back in mid-2019.

Maddy is a popular Instagram model and internet personality.

Jimmy Donaldson’s Relationship:

Beast is currently in a relationship with Maddy Spindell, a popular Instagram personality.

Jimmy Donaldson’s Movies:

As per reports and interviews with Jimmy, a.k.a. Mr.Beast, there is no evidence that he has ever acted in any movies. He is currently just a popular YouTuber, but still, he wants to get into Hollywood.

Recently, he has shown interest in the new Free Guy 2 movie and publicly announced that he wants to act in the movie. 

He is genuinely interested in acting alongside some of Hollywood’s biggest stars and earning a name for himself.

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