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Blue Box Chapter 52 Release Date And Time, Countdown, When Is It Coming Out?

The blue box is a Japanese Manga series by Koji Miura. It is a romantic comedy with sports.

Is Blue Box Chapter 52 Release Date Confirmed? See More

This Manga series has been started to publish in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen jump in April 2021. As per Blue Box gets its fans updated every Sunday.

When will the Blue Box chapter 52 be released?

Fans are eagerly waiting to know when Blue Box chapter 52 will release. Now the waiting is over because the date is released and the Blue Box will be released on 15th May 2022. Blue Box is a famous Japanese manga series. This series was released on 21st April 2021.

This series successfully gain popularity after releasing a few chapters of Blue Box and another chapter is going to release soon. Fans are very excited to see another chapter and also they loved the previous chapters.

Only 5 days left to release the Blue Box chapter 52. Presently, it is the most treading series.

Reader list of Blue Box Chapter 52

Most of the anime is made from comics which is the main source of entertainment. Light novels and Japanese manga are vast store-house of comics. Several Mangas are being made in Anime. The fandom of Manga has increased during this lockdown. The value and appreciation of manga have raised. Undoubtedly Blue Box is a popular Manga series.

Blue Box chapter 52 via the reading platform 

Nowadays reading became a kind of activity and everybody is taking part in it. Numerous platforms are developed and fortunately, these platforms have become the major source of the Manga series.

Though there are many platforms where Manga series are being released as well. There is no way to deny that the variety of platforms is also the reason for increasing the popularity of Mangas. Besides this, there are many websites where the Mangas are being released.

Recap the summary of the Blue Box chapter 51

We have noticed that the last chapter of Blue Box was about Hina who has a long-time friend named Taiki lnomata who is a student at Eimei Junior and senior high school and as well as he is a member of the boy’s badminton team.

Chinatsu and Taiki both work for their respective teams to the National Championship. Hina got a heartbreak when she came to know that Taiki live with Chinatsu kano.

She did not make her hopeless. She expressed her guilty to Taiki and fired a gun. Chinatsu observes everything when Taiki and Hina interact. She eavesdrops on all the conversations between Hina and Taiki. Will Chinatsu go away from Taiki?

Where you can read the Blue Box chapter 52?

Though many publications got the license of Blue Box in North America as this show is released in Japan. The chapters of Blue Box are generally launched by Viz media on the Shonen Jump website. Shueisha publishes some of the series in the English language and you can see these series on the Manga Plus app and the website for free.

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