Cobra Kai Season 5, Is The Release Date Confirmed? See Cast, Trailer

Cobra Kai Season 5, Is The Release Date Confirmed See Cast, Trailer

Cobra Kai is currently among the favorite shows of many followers on Netflix. The show’s past four seasons have generated a keen interest in the viewers to know what will happen in the new upcoming season.

How Soon Cobra Kai Season 5 Get Released? See Trailer, Cast

The show initially had started on youtube but soon got streamed on Netflix. The show became a force during its second season as it gathered many viewers. 

The exciting plot of Cobra Kai was enough to keep attracting a large number of people to Netflix. As a result, it finally got past its close competitors in view count and support to become one of Netflix’s widely watched shows.

It is a pleasure to notify you that Cobra Kai Season 5 is already under work and will be released.

Cobra Kai Season 5, Is The Release Date Confirmed See Cast, Trailer

Release Date of Season 3:

As per the recent announcements made on Netflix during the “Netflix is a joke festival” week, we can correctly confirm that the next season of Cobra Kai will be coming out on 9th September of this year.

The first two seasons came out on youtube just the same year in 2018, while the next two seasons got released in late 2019 and early 2020, respectively. The gap between the release of each new season is widening, as we can see.

Many fans previously expected that the show would be released late in 2022, but due to the early installment of sets and filming completed, it will be released in September of this year only.


In this season, will become to know what will happen to Miguel as he goes to find his father. We will also see more of Robby’s relationship with Johnny. 

In the series, we will also see what will happen to Miguel and Sam. Also, Daniel and Chozen will be in a team now, but they no longer have to worry about Kreese.

As per the recent tweet by one of the creators of Cobra Kai, “Hayden Schlossberg,” we can assume that in this season, we will be able to see Miguel and Tory teaming up against others.

Another creator of Cobra Kai further informed that in this new season, one could find familiar faces from Karate kid fans. The story will take a wild turn which is an exciting statement considering the previous seasons of the show.

The new season is going to be wildly exciting.


The trailer for Cobra kai has already been released this year, as you can check it out online.


As per the previous episodes of Cobra Kai, we can successfully conclude which actor will take which characters. The list includes,

  • Miguel Diaz by Xolo Mariduena
  • Robby Keene by Tanner Buchanan
  • “Hawk” Moskowitz by Jecob Bertrand
  • Tory Nichols by Peyton List

Many fans are also speculating what role will be given to the newest addition of Annais Rojas in Cobra Kai Season 5.


As per the new trailer released, we can say that Miguel will be returning in this new season 5 of Cobra Kai. The new season is going to be wildly exciting.

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