Release Date, Spoiler, Countdown of Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 84


Mercenary Enrollment is a Korean manhwa written by YC and illustrated by Rakhyun, published by STUDIO JHS. One of the most popular Webtoons is Mercenary Enrollment. This series gained such a large following after only a few Chapters, that, it now has a new Chapter and the count has come up to 84 and fans keep wanting more of it. Yes! Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 84 has finally premiered, and a few chapters of Chapter 84 have already aired.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 84 Release Date Spoiler:

Ijin Yu lost his parents in an aircraft disaster when he was eight years old, and he was forced to become a child mercenary in order to survive. He returns to Korea ten years later to rejoin his family, where food and shelter are plentiful and all appears to be well. But Ijin will soon discover that surviving as a teenager is a very different challenge. With only one year of high school left, Ijin must learn new strategies to navigate the classroom battlefield.

Release Date, Spoiler, Countdown of Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 84

The release date of Mercenary Enrollment is anticipated to be May 8th, 2022. Three to four days before the official release date, spoilers begin to leak on the internet and they are expected to be available soon. They can be found in online groups like 4chan and Reddit.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 84 Countdown:

The countdown comes down to 1 (as of 7th May) day to watch the 84th Chapter. Mercenary Enrollment’s fans can increase their level of excitement because the wait is going to end in 1 day. 

About Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 84:

So far in chapter 83, we have seen that, when Yu Ijin was a child, he was the sole survivor of a plane crash. After somehow managing to live for ten years as a mercenary, he decides that he should be with his family and returns to his hometown to see family. In Chapter 84, it is expected that we will get to see more of his hometown.

Synopsis Of Mercenary Enrollment:

When Yu IJin was a child, he was the sole survivor of a plane crash. After surviving for ten years as a mercenary, he now decides to return to his hometown to see his family. A little Korean boy loses his parents in an aircraft tragedy in this story. The child ends up in a war-torn region of the planet and grows up to be a great teen mercenary.

The child reunites with his family and resolves to live a peaceful life with them. As he begins his first day of school, he discovers that certain pupils, including his sister, are being mercilessly bullied. Now, this teen mercenary is ready to utilize all of his military skills to protect those he cares about.


Chapter 84 of Mercenary Enrollment is soon to be published and the date is released to be May 8th, which is within 24 hours (as of May 7th). It has made its fans wait for a long time, and now the wait has come to an end; fans can finally know Chapter 84 and well, the waiting cycle will repeat if there’s a new chapter to come.