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Millie Bobby Brown And Jake Bongivois Complete Dating History

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Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongivois had been in discussion since they came into a relationship last year. The couple is getting more serious about their relationship and now they will be celebrating their official first date together. 

Millie Bobby Brown And Jake Bongivois’s Love Story

Actress Mille Bobby Brown who received a lot of fame from the movie stranger things is now in a relationship with Jake Bongivois who is the son of Jon Bon Jovi. Millie and her boyfriend Jake Bongiviois reached a milestone in their relationship just some days ago when they walked together on the red carpet at the BAFTAS event together.

Millie Bobby Brown And Jake Bongivois Complete Dating History

Red carpet walks are known as one of the big achievements in the professional entertainment industry. Jake Bongivois also wrote a beautiful message for Mille Bobby brown on her birthday. The message read ILY Barbie <3. 

How Did The Dating Start? 

Mille and Jake met each other through mutual friends and later on, they became friends. Jake is also an aspiring actor who has yet not added any credit to his good name. It is reported that he is studying at Syracuse University in New York and he also is very interested in Football.

He plays football for his college team. Before dating each other the couple had been a very close friend or best friend whatever you say.  They posted a photo last year whose caption read BFF.

As the times passed and news pics of the couple together kept on appearing on social media this made our belief strong that the couple had started dating each other. Their photos included their outings, coffee treats, trip to New York, and also Christmas together.

After all this, it went confirmed that the couple will be celebrating their first official date together. The news of the couple dating each other sparked after Jake posted a story in which he cuddled Mille with the caption “LY x” which in general means Love You. 

Milles Relationship With Joseph Robinson

The stories of Milles’s romance didn’t spark out first with Jake. Before dating Jake she was in a relationship with Joseph Robinson who is the son of England’s star Rugby player Jason. She also commented on a bunch of posts on his Instagram which made it clear that the couple was dating.

Fans have found and confirmed that this wasn’t the first time they both were spotted together, back in 2019 when Jake posted the photos of his Maldives visit, Mille was also spotted in those photos.


Later on, just after 10 months of the relationship, the couple split from each other and their relationship and romance ended there itself. The possible reason for this break-up was reported to be their super busy schedules due to which they were unable to spend time together.

Many of their fans told that they both are in the race of establishing themselves in their career and they don’t have time for any other work just like normal other youngsters who have the pressure of their career more than anything else.

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