K Drama!! Love ft Marriage And Divorce To Return With More Seasons

K Drama!! Love ft Marriage And Divorce To Return With More Seasons

The world is witnessing a drastic increase in the fan following of the K Dramas nowadays. The K Dramas are well known for their stories and the emotional bond which it establishes between the audience and the characters.

Love ft Marriage And Divorce To Return For Another Season

Love ft marriage and divorce is one of those most loved K Dramas whose third season is much awaited by the audience. 

K Drama!! Love ft Marriage And Divorce To Return With More Seasons

Love ft marriage and divorce all set to appear again on your screen

Starring Jeon No-min, Lee Ga-ryeong, Jeon Soo-kyeong, and Lee Min-young, the series was first aired from January 23 to 14 March 2021 every Saturday and Sunday. The South Korean melodrama Series is also available on Netflix where too it is receiving great pomp from the audience especially the lovers of K Dramas.

The Series became one of the most rated K Drama series when the audience showered their love on the final episode of season 2 with a 16.582 percent rating. After the first three seasons receiving great pomp season, 4 is expected to be aired very soon from now.

Yes, we know that season three is still airing but with the storyline, one can be sure that more seasons can be expected in the coming future. This Korean Drama has gained a worldwide viewership of 9.1 percent.

This makes it more likely that there is surely one season 4 which we can expect. Season 3 was aired on 26 February 2022. Season 3 of this story revolves around 3 families.

Pi young who is one of the characters of the story falls in love with Dong ma who is none other than the brother of Seo Ban. On the other hand, Seo Ban is in love with Si Eun. The third season is the season where one can witness a lot of drama and romance as compared to the previous two seasons. 

The Romantic Cast

The characters have taken the concept of romance to a next level. The romantic series has made everyone fall in love with the characters.

Kang Shin Hyo who started his career with the Russian Novel was playing the lead role in the story.

His role will be now played by On the other hand lee Tae Gong is dropped out of the show and won’t be appearing for any of the episodes of season 3. Ji Young San will be replacing Lee Tae Gong in the show.

Season 3 is full of unexpected twists and is surely creating interest for it among the audience.

The official trailers of the shows are available on Netflix Asia’s YouTube channel as well as on Netflix too.

The posters of the characters wearing black feathers were released by the makers of the show and were quite loved by the audience.

The posters read “Where did our fate go…” this creates more interest in the audience to watch the story. Stay connected with our page for more such news updates about your favorite K Dramas and much more.

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