Are Dan And Phil Still In A Relationship? Things You Should Know


Daniel Howel, commonly known as Dan, and Phil Lester, known as Phil, are an English entertainment and business duo known for their collaborative work. Since 2009, Dan and Phil have been working together. Dan Howel has around 7 million subscribers on YouTube and Phil has 4 million subscribers combining both of his channels (AmazingPhil and DanandPhilGAMEs).

They both are very popular and are always active on their respective channels. Since they started making videos together, their friendship appeared to have piqued the interest of many, as the pair became an immediate internet sensation. Since their collaboration, fans have been wanting them to be together and have been shipping them forever. Their videos always bring such joy to their fans and there is no wonder why one may think they are not dating.

Daniel Howel And Phil Lester’s Dating Rumours Exploded

Lester posted his first video on his AmazingPhil channel in March 2006, and Howell on his danisnotonfire channel in October 2009. Dan and Phil met in person the same month Howell released his first YouTube video and developed their first collaboration, a truth-or-dare style Q&A video on Lester’s channel called Phil is not on fire, which became a 10-part series with one chapter uploaded per year. Dan and Phil have appeared in numerous videos on each other’s channels since then, just like how fans wanted.

Are Dan And Phil Still In A Relationship Things You Should Know

In 2019, Dan first came out as gay on his youTube channel and spoke about everything he faced being the 90s kid. Whereas, Phil came out the same day on Twitter and later made a detailed tweet about it. Dan also spoke about how Phil has been so understanding and helped him fight his worsened mental health and believed in him.

Did They Confirm Their Relationship

Dan in his video has admitted that he has been in relationships before but never really opened up about it to the public. Dan admitted that he was romantically involved with Phil at some point, but never told the world if they were dating.

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The fans believed and still believe that they make a perfect couple and should be together. All the hints they have been giving away, like moving in together and making videos with each other frequently, are a sign that they could be dating, but there is no confirmation from the two yet.

Fans Love Them To See Together

Dan and Phil have been sharing a home since around 2011, according to their Instagram posts. They spent many years together in Manchester which is identified as Phil’s apartment. Then they moved to London and shared an apartment.

They were dissatisfied with the current flat and moved to a new flat in London. They stayed there for over a year before moving to a jointly acquired real estate. “Boxboys are now officially gay homeowners,” they captioned the photo.


They have told their fans that they are just friends and that they understand each other; nothing beyond that is shared by the two of them. Fans always love to see them together onscreen and their videos always get millions of views and like. For now, their relationship seems platonic and there is no sexual tension given the fact that they lived together.