Has Nikilis Done A Face Reveal? See His Age, Net Worth, Career!!

Has Nikilis Done A Face Reveal? See His Age, Net Worth, Career!!

Nikilis is a well-known YouTuber who generally creates content about games such as Roblox. 

Nilikis is just a character that plays each game, but information about the original person behind the character is still not known entirely.

Top Things To Know About Nikilis’s Net Worth, Relationships

He is also the creator of the game in Roblox named “Homicide Thriller 2”, which is very interesting to play and has gotten a lot of positive support from the Roblox community.

Nikilis is the character in his youtube channel where he does all his gaming activities. He currently has a subscriber count of about 50k subscriptions to his channel. 

Has Nikilis Done A Face Reveal See His Age, Net Worth, Career!!

Nikilis Face Reveal:

Nikilis is a well-known YouTuber, but he never revealed his true identity. Along with NNL Madhouse, he created the Homicide Thriller 2 game on Roblox, a fantastic game, and you should check it out. 

He has shown several gameplay videos explaining countless events and ways to overcome challenges in the game.

He always creates and uploads very high-quality content, which is both entertaining and engaging. He is also an excellent gamer and has a solid experience in gaming. 

As per recent reports, he is a very closed person who likes to maintain his personal space and remain out of public view. 

After closely monitoring his way of speaking and actions, the fans of Nikilis have finally concluded he is a very closed person and doesn’t like to talk to people and wishes to keep a distance from them.

Nikilis’ Personal information:

As far as his personal information go.es, he was 23 years ago. He came into this world back in December of 1997. Most of his personal information is not disclosed publicly, including his name.

He is a Canadian citizen and an excellent gamer. He likes to play mainly Roblox due to its various types available. He is mainly seen playing “Thriller 2,” which is a game he created in collaboration with NNL Madhouse.

Nikilis is quite a young YouTuber who has attained a lot of fame and reputation at a young age. He started his channel back in his adolescent years, and from the beginning only, he was a very skilled gamer who played various games but later moved to Roblox.

He is also behind the Youtube Star Listing, as he once revealed. He is currently a member of star listings on youtube. He began working as a member there at a very early age in 2011 by “xNikB.”

Nikilis’ Relationship status:

Since he is a very close person who likes to maintain his personal space while making videos, his current relationship status is not disclosed to the public.

Nikilis’ Net Worth:

Nikilis currently has a net worth of around 1.5 Million dollars which is impressive compared to his age. He mainly earned his money through gaming and youtube videos.

He is an excellent gamer and very enthusiastic about it. As a result, his net worth will grow in the future.

Nikilis’ Twitter:

Nikilis is also an active member of Twitter under the name “@nikilissrbx,” where he occasionally makes posts about gaming and upcoming videos.

He has a total follower count of 672.8k followers, but ironically he only followed about 332 people, including other prominent YouTubes and essential personalities.

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