Cameron Diaz Recreates The “Hair Gel” Moment From There’s Something About Mary

Cameron Diaz Recreates The Hair Gel Moment From There's Something About Mary

Some fun wistfulness! Cameron Diaz shared an Instagram video of her getting back into her charm (and costume!) from the 1998 comedy There’s Something About Mary.

There’s Something About Mary ‘Hair Gel’ Moment Recreated By Cameron Diaz

In the video clip, comedian and social media character Benito Skinner (aka Benny Drama) and his boyfriend make their manner over to The Sweetest Thing star’s house for dinner. For the juncture, he’s dressed precisely like Diaz’s titular role from There’s Something About Mary, hair “gel” and all.

With support from the comedian Benito Skinner, at initial it looked like he was going to be the only one to resuscitate that sexy red dress and the outrageously over-the-top reports Diaz was sporting after she borrowed some of the Stiller’s “hair gel.”

Cameron Diaz Recreates The Hair Gel Moment From There's Something About Mary

Cameron Diaz, 49, brought her fans back to 1998 when the actress uploaded a video on Instagram on May 3, deceiving the hilarious and notorious hair gel scene from her iconic film There’s Something About Mary! 

The video, which is an advertisement for the wine that she originated called Avaline, was shared with her 9.3 million followers and features comedian Benito Skinner, 27.

He plays the character of a gay friend that reaches her house for dinner with his bangs pasted up with “hair gel” similar to that scene from the movie.

But it’s when they arrived that the giant reveals happened. Moments before, the Diaz could be seen pleased and looking at pictures of herself from “Mary,” just in case fans weren’t able to make the connection for themselves a few minutes later.

Outfitted in relaxed, casual wear, Diaz was nowhere near the fashionista her character was in that moment, but Skinner was astounding the full look when she answered the door.

After looking at him a moment, she dropped out of the frame and exploded back up and it was as if no time had passed at all.

Diaz still looked spectacular in the little red number — sorry, Skinner, she wore it better here! — and her hair was as riotously obnoxious as his.

The other thing this video conveyed to us was the sad feeling of knowing that despite being just as delightful and funny as ever, Diaz has still walked away from acting.

Instead, she’s aiming at her wine brand, which she launched in 2020 amid the ongoing Covid pandemic. Still, it could be decent news for Avaline, as fans enthusiastic to see Diaz performing again in anything can at least look forward to these commercials for her brand.

Speaking on the brand’s blog, Diaz elucidated how the business endeavor came to be.

‘When I was in my 20s, I had a really exclusive experience where I got to taste some astonishing wine,’ she said. ‘Having the opportunity to hear from professionals and drink some delicious wine gave me whole new gratitude for it.

‘Fast forward to a few years ago, my respectable friend Katherine Power and I were catching up over a glass – as the wine underway to flow, so did our conversation about it. She further added: ‘We began asking questions about our wine; which is so crazy because I had never done that before. I kind of just presumed that it was fermented grapes.’

Diaz said that in their preliminary research for the brand, she ‘assumed all wine was made from the organic grapes.

‘It never happened to me that wine could be made from anything other than an attractive grape, but then we comprehended that there is in fact commercial farming in every category and no concession with wine.’

In addition, Cameron Diaz — who is wedded to Benji Madden and has a 2-year-old daughter, Raddix, with the Good Charlotte rocker — stepped away from acting succeeding in her performance as Miss Hannigan during 2014’s Annie.

While looking on the Kevin Hart’s Peacock talk show, Hart to Heart, last year, the Charlie’s Angels star said she commenced to realize nearby age 40 that there were “so several parts of my life … that I wasn’t touching” or “handling.”

Despite acknowledging she loves acting, later in the conversation she added that she wanted to incorporate more effortlessness into her every day. “she just really wanted to make her life untroublesome by herself,” she further enlightened. 

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