Mike Holmes Wife, Children, Family, Career, Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth

Mike Holmes Wife, Children, Family, Career, Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth

Mike Holmes is a 58-year-old Canadian businessman born and raised in Halton Hills, Ontario, Canada. His full name is Michael James Holmes. He is also known as Mike Sr. and Big Mike. He is not only a businessman but also a contractor, investor, television host, and philanthropist.

Things To Know About Mike Holmes Age, Career, Net Worth

Mike Holmes believes in making it right even if it means tearing the house down. He rescues homes from wrong renovations, dangerous wiring, asbestos, mold, structural damage, and much more.

Holmes is an author of two books as well as writes a column for a weekly newspaper; he enjoys writing.

Mike Holmes Wife, Children, Family, Career, Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth

Mike Holmes’s Personal Life:

Mike James Holmes is a Canadian contractor who has been dubbed “North America’s Most Trusted Contractor.” He built his name by assisting homeowners in identifying issues with their newly remodeled homes. Some of the issues he identified necessitated the home being rebuilt from the ground up.

Mike Holmes’s Quick facts:

Here are 2 quick facts about Mike Holmes:

  • He got married to his childhood sweetheart at the age of 19 and started his business the same year.
  • Holmes faced a huge economic crisis during the 1990s recession and faced so many challenges like his business being shut down, his marriage ending, and his father passing away at the same time.

How much does Mike Holmes earn:

Mike Holmes has a salary recorded to be $2 million. 

Mike Holmes’s Age and Early Life:

Mike Holmes was born in Canada on 3rd August 1963, being brought up in a family who was into construction has helped him in the business. At 19, he started his contracting company and by 21, he was owning 2 contracting companies.

Mike Holmes’s Net Worth and Career:

Mike has a net worth recorded to be $30 million. He got into the business at an early age and became quite successful then, and during the 1990s economic recession, he had to shut down his business and faced a lot of issues. But he overcame all of them, re-built the business, got into filming, and is now successful again.

Mike Holmes’s Wife and Children:

Mike has 3 children with his ex-wife, Alexandra Lorex named, Amanda, Sherry, and Mike Jr. Holmes. They parted ways in the 1990s and then he found love in Anna Zappia. Holmes and Anna have been together for over 20 years and haven’t been wedded yet, though Holmes has mentioned her as his wife several times.

Mike Holmes’s Interesting facts:

Here are 2 interesting facts about Mike Holmes:

  • Mike believes in tearing the house down if there’s fault to that extent to “make it right”, his and his team’s promise.
  • Mike used to destroy the toys his parents bought for him out of curiosity.


Mike is a constructor who started from scratch, and even though he failed sometimes, he got up and went behind what he wanted. Now, he is a successful business with a foundation called The Holmes Foundation to help and serve people.

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