Check Out Carrie Underwood And Axl Rose’s Surprise!!!

Check Out Carrie Underwood And Axl Rose's Surprise!!!

The last Saturday, Carrie Underwood and Axl Rose’s duo surprised the people at Stagecoach Festival. A tribute has been paid by Underwood to Naomi Judd who was a famous singer and an American actress and was announced dead by her daughter Ashley Judd.

You Gotta See Carrie Underwood and Axl Rose’s Surprise!!

The news of her death arrived on Saturday, and it is informed that she has died at the age of 76. By singing the song ‘See You Again’ the duo gives honor to her.

Underwood gives a speech on the stage that it is indeed a loss for the American music industry and the day they are praying for her and at the same time they are giving all their wishes to her family.

She also added that the country people are in will be lighting something up for Naomi Judd.

Check Out Carrie Underwood And Axl Rose's Surprise

Carrie Underwood welcomed Guns N’ Axl Rose

On that night, Underwood after completing the first verse of her first song announced a surprise to the people by welcoming Axl Rose on the stage at the Stagecoach Festival in California. She also posted on her Instagram account that the night is the greatest night for her.

The duo is got much popular in the country. Underwood said to the crowd that they might think the duo is finished, and they will not perform together as her band started another hit song by playing ‘Appetite for Destruction’ which was their band iconic.

On the weekend they perform one of their famous songs ‘Paradise City’ which is Rose’s one of the common song, released in 1989.

It was the second time Carrie Underwood was in the musical festival of Indio, California. The band was started with ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ to which people are accustomed.

Carrie Underwood’s dream came true

Underwood is famous as a singer and songwriter as well as an actress in America. If it comes to the topic of awards, she is one of the most awarded persons in the country.

Grammy Award, Billboard Music Award, Academy of Country Music Awards, American Music Award, and Country Music Association Awards are some of them she won now.

Underwood’s lifelong dream came true through the Stagecoach Music Festival on 30th April. She made a joke mid of their performance that she does not know why they are on the way to putting more songs before the crowd.

Only after then, do they start their next song ‘Smoke Break’. Then many popular songs were presented like ‘Jesus, Take The Wheel’, ‘before he cheats’, and ‘Blown Away.

In E! Online interview in 2015, one of Underwood’s fans said that her voice is quite similar to Axl Rose. Carrie said with gratitude that it was only the singers like rose and Freddie Mercury who indirectly taught her how to sing which is quite different for her.

While talking about the album Ghost Story she said that they have sung several songs together that still help to fresh her mind. She grew up listening to all the songs which influenced her which are the essence of her songs. The whole album Ghost Story might reflect her as a person and as an artist.

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