Bill Maher’s Age, Net Worth, Height, Career, Weight

Bill Maher's Age, Net Worth, Height, Career, Weight

Bill Maher is one of the most highly ranked comedians in the United States of America. He is mainly famous for the show “Real Time Bill Maher,” which he started in 2003 and is continued since on HBO.

Bill is well-known to hold varied political views and is known to talk about various topics such as media, religion, and politics.

Things To Know About Bill Maher’s Net Worth, Career

He has served on many boards as an advisor, including NORML, PETA, and Project Reason. As a result of his time serving, he supports the legalization of Cannibalism, animal rights, and the right to practice any religion.

Comedy Central later ranked Maher in their list of the top 100’s best standup comedians of all time. He got a ranking of 38 on that list and got a Hollywood walk of fame in 2014. 

He has also won several awards for his political hit shows and for being an excellent comedian.

Bill Maher's Age, Net Worth, Height, Career, Weight

Bill Maher’s Net Worth:

As per the recent reports, Bill Maher is worth around 140 million dollars.

He graduated from Pascack Hills High School in the longvail area of Montvale and later attended Cornell University to get a major in English and history back in 1978.

Bill was born in 1956 in New York to his father, William Maher Jr., and his mother, Julie Maher. His father was a well-known news editor and a radio announcer, while his mother was a nurse. He is a single child.

He had dated many people throughout his life, and some of them were also famous personalities. He is currently dating a singer from Ontario named Anjulie Persaud.

Date Of Birth20 January 1956
Age66 Years Old
Height5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
Weight74 Kg
Net Worth$140 million

He Says, “Twitter has failed over Censorship,”

In recent times, as several news reports are stating that Twitter has deleted and vanished several high-level posts done on its site, he has given this statement.

He is a supporter of Elon Mask buying most of twitter’s shares and getting a seat on their boards of directors. He is highly expecting that Elon will be able to “fix twitter” and make sure it remains fair in displaying information.

Maher has already criticized the platform for being “too biased,” as he named various incidents.

He talked about the “NY post about Biden’s emails,” which was later found to be a real story. He also talked about removing the post created by Babylon Bee on the “Covid-19 lab leak theory.”

He also encouraged people to speak up against big companies and their social media products regarding the illegal imposing of censorships and being politically biased.

He was also found talking about the recent remark made by Elon Musk regarding the removal of a post done by the New York Times on President Biden’s son just before the time of the election in 2020.

He has currently given many talks regarding Twitter and its failed attempts to remain politically neutral.

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