The Korean Show Pachinko Is All Set To Return Once Again With Season 2!!

The Korean Show Pachinko Is All Set To Return Once Again With Season 2!!

American shows are totally in trend nowadays. The era is witnessing the rise of the American film and music industry with great pomp. The Epic story of Pachinko has become one of the most loved and celebrated stories. 

Korean Show Pachinko Is Coming Back For Season 2, See More!!

Directed by Kogonada and Justin Chon has made the audience remain glued to the screen. Starring Youn Yuh-Jung, Lee Min-ho, Kim Min-ha, and Jin Ha the show kept the audience glued to the screen from start to the end.

This great story was aired on Apple TV on 25 March 2022 and again it was renewed for the second season and released in April 2022. This multigenerational story covers several plots. T

his show follows one family right from 1910 up to 1989 till now. There is a huge chunk of the story which is still to be brought to the audience and it is sure to entertain the audience soon.

The Korean Show Pachinko Is All Set To Return Once Again With Season 2!!

Who Will Be Seen Back In Season 2?

The prime cast which includes Youn Yuh-Jung will return as Kim Sunja while Kim Minha will return as the Sunja of teenage. Apart from this, we can expect Soji Arai as Baek Mozasu and Jin Ha may play the role of Solomon Baek.

On the other hand, Han Jun-woo can be expected as Baek Yoseb while Jung Eun-Chae can be seen playing the role of Kyunghee in the show. Felice Choi can be expected to be seen as older Kyunghee while Steve Sanghyun Noh will be seen as Baek Isak.

The last guessed cast which we have on the cast as of now is Anna Sawai who can be seen as Naomi in season 2 of this Epic story.

In one of the conversations with journalists, Lee Min-ho told them that he eagerly wants to return for the second season once again. All of the characters have witnessed personal growth in this series and want to grow better.

What Can We Expect In Season Two?

 Well in season 2 there is not single footage of season two till now. We can expect more trailers in the coming future before the season starts airing. 

The addition of new characters like Niomi has is making sure that there will be more interesting elements in the new season and this is surely going to entertain the fans in the best possible manner. The fans can also expect some surprises in season 2 of the show.

We suggest you get your tissues with you as this season is expected to be an emotional one. Noa is expected to take the story more forward now.

On Rotten Tomatoes, the show has achieved a big achievement by gaining a total rating of 98 percent. The cast of the show seemed very happy about these ratings and expressed its joy to the reporters. 

Since season 2 of the story is renewed we can expect this story to come very soon to us. As of now, we can just eagerly wait for the series to come to us finally. 

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