Dakota Johnson Net Worth 2022, Age, Career, Salary, Assets, Relationships, Boyfriend, Awards

Dakota Johnson Net Worth 2022, Age, Career, Salary, Assets, Relationships, Boyfriend, Awards

Dakota Johnson is a well-known American actress and a model who was born on 4th October 1989. Her birthplace was Austin of Texas. Presently her age is 31.

Her father and mother both are connected with the Film Industry. The father’s name of Dakota is Don Johnson who is renowned for playing the role of James Crockett in the film Miami vice.

Things To Know About Dakota Johnson’s Age, Carrer, Boyfriend!!

The mother’s name Dakota is Melanie Griffith who is famed for roles which she played in movies such as 1988’s Working Girl. Other family members of Dakota are also connected with the entertainment world.

Maternal grandparents of Dakota are former actors. Her stepfather’s name is Antonio Benderas.  She has four siblings, one is Jesse Johnson, two material siblings and further information about her siblings is not available yet.

Dakota Johnson Net Worth 2022, Age, Career, Salary, Assets, Relationships, Boyfriend, Awards

The early life of Dakota Johnson 

Dakota Johnson is a well-educated person. She went to Aspen community school. She changed schools several times. Dakota attended New Roads School in Santa Monica, California after leaving Santa Catalina School in Monterey, California for her freshman year of high school.

When Dakota Johnson was just 12 years old she became interested in modeling after a photo shoot that was taken with celebrity’s children and then she started to earn through modeling when she was going to high school in Santa Monica. According to her statement, she likes to act in kid roles. Dakota started to attend Juilliard school in New York after completing her education in high school.

Personal life of Dakota Johnson 

Dakota Johnson was in a long-term relationship with Noah Gersh who is a musician and she got into a relationship with Jordan Masterson who is an actor.

She got into a relationship when she was young. Dakota Johnson got married to Chris Martin. Before marriage, she was in a relationship with Matthew Hitt who is a famous lead singer. Dakota and Matthew confirmed their relationship in September 2013. After that, this couple got separated in early 2015.

Dakota Johnson’s Professional life, Net Worth, Awards 

Dakota got her fame after leading the role in Fifty shades where she acted as Anastasia Steele. In fifty shades she was mostly called Ana. Fifty shades of Grey was released in early 2015. Fifty shades of darker were released in 2017 and fifty shades of freed were released in 2018.

Dakota played in various movies such as Lucy hale, Felicity Jones, Elizabeth Olsen, Danielle Panabaker, and Shailene Woolley.

Dakota Johnson achieved many awards ’til now. She won the MTV movie award for best kiss, BAFTA rising star award in 2016. In 2016, she was awarded an MTV movie award for her best breakthrough performance in Fifty shades of Grey. As of 2021, the net worth of Dakota Johnson is $14 million.

Assets of Dakota Johnson 

This famous actress lives in Malibu. There are three bedrooms in her home where she resides with her partner Chris Martin. She has another strip home which has also three bedrooms and this home is very expensive. Dakota owns a slender Mercedes-Benz E350, Audi SQ5 though she has a huge collection of cars.

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