Brigitte Bardot Biography, Net Worth, Age, Height, Children, Parents, Siblings, And Real Name

Brigitte Bardot Biography, Net Worth, Age, Height, Children, Parents, Siblings, And Real Name

Brigitte Bardot is a renowned French actress as well as a fashion model and singer. Later she became an animal rights activist. Brigitte Bardot was born on 28th September 1934 and her birthplace was Paris, France. Presently her age is 87.

All You Need To Know About Brigitte Bardot’s Age, Career!!

The real name of Brigitte Bardot is Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot. Her height was 5 feet 4 inches. The father’s name Brigitte was Louis Bardot and the mother’s name of Her was Anne Marie. Her father was an engineer by profession and he was engaged in their family business.

She has one sister and her name was Mijanou Bardot. She was known for playing an independent and bold character as an actress in the 1960s. She was considered one of the biggest sex symbols.

She was not permitted by her parents as they were totally against it when Brigitte Bardot started her film career as an actress at the age of 15.

Brigitte Bardot Biography, Net Worth, Age, Height, Children, Parents, Siblings, And Real Name

Brigitte Bardot’s Early life and education 

Brigitte Bardot went to a private school named Cours Hattmer and also she received private classes. She was admitted to dance classes by her mother when she was young and then she realized her talent at dancing.

Personal life of Brigitte Bardot 

Brigitte has attempted suicide several times since 1950. As per the report, last she attempted suicide in 1992. First, she attempted suicide when she was 16. Bardot shared her bed with more than 100 men and women. She got married four times.

First, she got married to Roger Vadim in 1952. Then the couple got separated. After that in 1959, she got married for the second time to Jacques Charrier who was a French actor. The couple has a son who is her only child. They divorced in the year 1963.

Then she got engaged to Gunter Sachs and for the third time married him on 14th July 1966. Although Bardot lived with Bob Zagury from 1963 to 1965. Bardot and Gunter spent their conjugal life for three years and they divorced in 1969.

Bardot lived with Allain Bougrain-Dubourg from the year 1980 to 1985. Allain Bougrain-Dubourg was a French TV producer. In 1984, she was affected by breast cancer though she recovered in the year 1986.

For the fourth time, she got married to Bernard d’Ormale in 1992. Bernard d’Ormale was a former advisor to Jean-Marie Le Pen who was a French politician.

Presently she is a member of the Global 500 roll of honor of the United Nations environment program. She has received many awards from UNESCO and PETA.

Brigitte Bardot’s Professional life and net worth 

The net worth of this successful actress is $65 million. Mainly her earnings come from her films. She has acted in 47 movies and successfully recorded more than 60 songs.

Bardot achieved various awards such as Bambi awards, Devid Di Donatello awards, BAFTA awards, etc. She was successful to create the Brigitte Bardot Foundation. Here is a list of some of her Famous movies-

  • Crazy for love
  • The girl in the bikini
  • The long teeth
  • His father’s portrait 
  • Acts of love 
  • Caroline and Rebels
  • School for love
  • Doctor at sea
  • The light across the street 

The French actress took leave from the entertainment industry in 1973.

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