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Prison School Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Renewal Might Take Time, See More!!

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The Prison School anime is based on Akira Hiramoto’s eponymous manga series, which was first serialized in the monthly Young Magazine.

The anime was originally released in July 2015 and was produced by the animation studio J.C. Staff and directed by Tsutomu Mizushima (Shirobako).

When Will Prison School Season 2 Get Released? See Cast & Crew

It proved to be a huge hit with viewers right from the start, and this led to the production of an OVA (original video animation) that was bundled with Kodansha’s 7th volume of manga as a limited edition release in December 2017.

Prison School Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Renewal Might Take Time

The best-selling manga is Prison School

The Prison School Season 2 will be a hot topic among the anime community. The first season of the anime has been successful, and fans are looking forward to seeing what happens in the next season. The Prison School is an adaptation of the manga series of the same name. 

Prison School is all set to make a comeback

The show did not become as popular as compared to other anime. However, the fans are eagerly waiting for the second season. The fans have been waiting since 2015, and they are hoping that their patience will soon reward them with the release of season 2.

There is no news on the release date of season 2. Still, a lot of people believe that it is all set to make a comeback in 2018. Till then, all you can do is wait and watch out for updates on this hit show’s next sequel.

Prison School season 2 is coming soon

The production team behind Prison School Season 2 has confirmed that The team is working hard to make the second season even better than the first one.

More information about Prison School Season 2 will be released soon. In the meantime, fans should not expect an official release date announcement anytime soon, as the production team is still hard at work on many aspects of the second season.

The official release date for Prison School Season 2 has not yet been announced by the production team, but they said it would be a while before it is ready to air on television.

The new season’s plot will pick up where it left off with Kiyoshi Fujino and his friends in prison, trying to escape from their captors, who are determined to keep them locked up forever.

The production team might take some time to plan the sequel

The production team will take time to plan the sequel.

They must come up with a story that will grab the attention of the audience, work with the manga to make sure it’s correct, and ensure that it’s believable and interesting.

The plot may be too long, so they’ll have to cut parts out.

Moreover, fans are also speculating that Season 2 might not feature Hana Midorikawa and Meiko Shiraki anymore since it won’t take place directly after the first season’s events.

In short, we can assume that the story might revolve around Shingo and his brothers for now. However, it would be nice to see some flashbacks featuring Hana again!

Hopefully, Jyocho Academy will be closed down permanently in Prison School Season 2.

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