Why Did Chrishell And Jason Break Up? Selling Sunset Star Jason Oppenheim Says Chrishell Strause Split Is ‘The Most Difficult Loss’

Selling Sunset Star Jason Oppenheim Says Chrishell Strause Split Is 'The Most Difficult Loss'

Selling Sunset’s star Jason Oppenheim opens up about his breakup with Chrishell Strause. Jason Oppenheim and Chrishell want different things when it comes to having a family and this is the reason why they decided to split up.

What’s The Real Reason Behind Chrishell And Jason Break Up?

Jason Oppenheim doesn’t want to be a father, which Chrishell is not okay with. They put up an Instagram post announcing their breakup on 22nd December 2021.

The post said they will remain best friends and admired Chrishell and said openly that she was the most amazing girlfriend she has ever had and it was the happiest relationship of his life.

Selling Sunset star Jason Oppenheim Says Chrishell Strause Split Is 'The Most Difficult Loss'

Chrishell and Jason started dating even before Selling Sunset season 4 streamed, and within a couple of months of dating they split up. While Chrishell and Jason’s love was on full display at the time, the girls at work were taken aback when they learned of their relationship.

When the couple returned to Los Angeles, they were bombarded with questions about everything from their first kiss to their marriage plans. Everybody on set agreed to them making a power couple and adored them and idolized them.

Jason Oppenheim says in an interview that splitting up with Chrishell has been very difficult to deal with and he is having a hard time moving on from her. Whatever he shared with Chrishell felt real, and he agrees that this was the most serious of relationships he has had in his life. 

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Selling Sunset’s new season shooting was done several months before they split up, and it is now streaming on Netflix. He says he’s having a hard time for sure watching the new season with all the memories coming back, but is glad the new season is up and the fans are loving it.

 Throughout the season, viewers witness fellow Oppenheim Group employees forecast Jason and Chrishell’s wedding bells, with the couple even contemplating children. However, it is saddening that the romance eventually falls apart after Chrishell issues an ultimatum about having children.

The former Selling Sunset couple were seen having a serious chat about their future while having fun answering questions about their relationship. Chrishell and Jason talked about raising a child in multiple episodes because it was something on the former’s priority list.

They had even decided the name of the baby while the chat happened initially but Jason took a step back later considering his busy schedule. Chrishell was the first girlfriend Jason ever introduced to his mother and his mother called Chrishell to be special and wouldn’t be surprised if they got married.

Jason has now stated in an interview with the new! magazine that he regrets throwing away the romance after cameras caught him refusing to settle down or have a baby.

Since they split up and being in the same room together isn’t awkward for them and are looking forward to seeing what the future holds.

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