Who Is The Hippo In Moon Knight, Moon Knight Episode 5 Review!!

Who Is The Hippo In Moon Knight, Moon Knight Episode 5 Review!!

Moon Knight is based on the Marvel comic streaming on Disney+, which was produced by Marvel Studios. It has aired a total of 5 episodes; there will be one episode which will be aired on 4th May and that will be a concluding episode.

A Review Of Episode 5 Of Moon Knight, Who Is The Hippo?

It has a rating of 7.5/10, based on 177 reviews with the comments like “Its entertainment Value may wax and wane a bit, but Moon Knight ultimately settles into a most enjoyable and refreshingly weird spot in the MCU firmament”.

“Asylum” is one of Marvel Studios’ darkest and most intimately painful stories. It’s an episode about a man’s damaged psyche finally breaking down as he revisits his most terrible memories.

It’s tense, awful material, given with a light touch that may be too light. The terror is frequently countered with a sense of humor and a reluctance to place horror in the center of the screen. 

Who Is The Hippo In Moon Knight, Moon Knight Episode 5 Review!!

Who Is The Hippo?

At the end of episode 4 of Moon Knight, there appeared a hippo who could talk and walk on two legs. In episode 5 it’s all about the Hippo and Marc Spector and Steven Grant figuring things out and revealing some big secrets. Hippo is the goddess dressed in Ancient Egyptian clothing.

The Tawaret Goddess of ‘women and children,’ who aids souls in their journey to the afterlife. Tawaret appears, instructing Marc and Steven on how to balance the scales of their hearts to be evaluated for the afterlife.

Episode 5 Review:

The writers try to deconstruct their entire narrative and split the personalities they have bound into one guy in Episode 5, which acts as the second last episode of the season.

In studying the phenomenon of Marc/Steven’s (played by Oscar Issac) life, the writers take the opposite approach and go to the base of the problem.

They were (Marc/Steven) one for the past four weeks, but now they are two separate people attempting to figure out what occurred during the years they were taken over by each other.

The plan is to break inside Marc’s mind, which suffers from dissociative identity disorder, and reveal where Steven originated from.

Director, Mohamed Diab, and writers Rebecca Kirsch, and Matthew Orton didn’t want this to be like another regular Marvel story but ended up making it brutal, dark, and confusing all at the same time.

Moon Knight’s greatest purpose is diluted down to somewhat resembling the larger Marvel Studio project ever, so the series should rather stick to fulfilling its primary purpose of storytelling.

If this receives enough love from the fans as the other episodes, this could be one of the unique episodes.


Moon Knight will be the best program to come out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) mill, on par with Loki, if it can remain afloat and provide a brilliant climax. Fingers crossed and excitement heightened!

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