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Kill The Hero Chapter 100 Release Date, Cast, Where To Watch It!!

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Kill The Hero Chapter 100 Manga Online English is a weekly manga, Fans were eagerly awaiting Kill the Hero Chapter 100.

When Can We Watch Kill The Chapter 100? See Release Date!!

We honestly advocate applying the authentic assets so that you can study Kill the Hero Chapters from the subsequent manga systems to help creators: Tapas

Kill The Hero Chapter 100 Release Date, Cast, Where To Watch It!!

More About Kill the Hero

The world became modified right into a recreation one day. “Dungeons and monsters have appeared in the middle of the cities, as have the “players” of divine authority. Se-Jun Lee, the Messiah Guild’s guild grasp who could supply salvation to the earth.

“We work together to maintain the Earth.” Let’s name it a day and placed a quit to this horror.” “The whole world appreciated the appearance of the hero, and I became his friend. But… He wasn’t a hero or a messiah, but the arena loved him.

He became a scheming hero with a mystery choice to manipulate the arena.

“You have done an amazing job. I couldn’t have arisen till now if it hadn’t been for you.” In the remaining dungeon, I changed into killed through his blade. …at least, that’s what I believed.

The declaration I heard simply close to my ear as I died. [Beginning the game.] I went returned in time to once I hadn’t but wakened as a player. And now it’s my turn…… To ‘hunter’ him down.

Kim Woo-Jīn

Jīn-Kim is a younger guy with eager features; pointed brows, amber fierce eyes, and a mean body with a mop of spiky black hair. Jīn-Kim becomes an aloof, anti-social character who desired to be left by himself in his first world. He did, however, keep his Guild Master in excessive regard.

Jīn-Kim has to end up cynical, cold, and calculating due to his previous experiences, viewing the sector as a hazy grey. He is likewise highly vengeful, as visible via way of means of his selection to wreak vengeance on all folks who had harmed him.

Chapter 100 of Kill the Hero is scheduled to launch on May 13, 2022

Moreover, a brand-new chapter of Beginning After the End will pop out on Friday each week.

As Kill the Hero is pretty famous so the English translations of the Manhwa won’t take a great deal of time and the interpretation might be to be had on the identical date.


After he’s killed via way of means of the righteous chief of his very own guild, Woojin receives a danger to begin over. This time he’s now no longer interested in saving the arena from monsters—he’s been given his attractions set on revenge!

His high-degree kills quickly garner him notoriety amongst the sport plebs, at the same time as boosting his stats as he masterminds his manner toward the top.

But there’s something nobody can discern: whose aspect he’s gambling for. Now that he is aware of the way to play to win, Woojin will prevent nothing to kill the hero!

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