Filian Face Reveal, Real Name, Career, Wiki, Age, Bio, Net Worth

Filian Face Reveal, Real Name, Career, Wiki, Age, Bio, Net Worth

For Filian’s ardent fans, the identity of her face has remained a secret. Since she is a virtual broadcaster on Twitch, she does not show her natural face.

Things To Know About Filian’s Real Name, Career, Net Worth

Quite a few people who are currently reading this post are eager to see what she looks like in her native environment. 

Filian Face Reveal, Real Name, Career, Wiki, Age, Bio, Net Worth

Who is Filian?

In terms of her personal life, Twitch streamer Filian, as Filian VrChat, is a mystery. In addition, just five months after joining the channel, she worked with Twitch’s founder on a project. Indeed, she is grateful to her fans for bringing stage and bringing her to the world’s attention.

In January of this year, followers held an official competition to commission a custom avatar for her channel. She agreed to pay the 125 dollars to the winners and use their artwork as her new profile picture.

Quick Facts About Filian

  • Until now, she hasn’t shown us her true face.
  • She’s a big anime fan.
  • Almost a day, one of her Tiktok videos garnered over 500k likes.
  • Snackers HQ is the name of her discord server, which has more than 10,000 members.
  • More than 16,000 people follow her on Twitter, and she posts more than 70 times a day.

Filian’s Early Life:

As far as we know, Twitch streamer Filian VrChat goes by Filian in real life. In addition, she was able to work with Twitch’s creator only five months after joining the channel. And she thanked them first, acknowledging that their support got her on that platform in the first place.

In January of this year, she decided to hold a competition among her admirers to commission a customized channel avatar.

Filian’s Net Worth and Career

Filian‘s Twitch channel went live in May of 2021, marking the beginning of her broadcasting career. Even though many VTubers choose to play various popular video games, she is playing VRChat, and she is only renowned as a broadcaster because of that one game. 

She currently has more than 152k followers on Twitch. She’s also a massive star on the video-sharing website YouTube. She utilizes the channel to broadcast clips from her Twitch stream and a few short videos that she finds funny. Over 185k subscribers on her YouTube account and 27 million views on her videos.

That Filian’s net worth is $250,000. Her primary source of income comes from Twitch, and she generates money as a Twitch Partner during her live broadcasts by showing advertisements and taking donations. 

Filian’s Husband and Kids

Filian VrChat has made no mention of a romantic relationship. As a rule, she tries to keep things professional and avoid revealing her personal life.

To lure new subscribers to her streaming service, she shares amusing clips from her feed. Indeed, the platform is a great spot to glimpse the best moments without spending hours in front of the television.


It’s a mystery to those who follow Filian’s work to see her face. Because she’s a virtual broadcaster, you won’t see her face when you watch.

At this point, many of those who’ve read the article want to see her original look. Despite this, she has not yet made her identity public on the internet. During her live streaming, she uses an animated persona to represent herself.

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