Mama Cass’s Daughter Talks About The Star’s Bravery

Mama Cass’s Daughter Talks About The Star’s Bravery

Mama Cass was an American singer, singing for the group called The Mamas & the Papas. Her real name is Cass Elliot. Owen Vanessa Elliot is the only daughter of Mama Cass. Elliot married James Hendricks, a member of the Big 3 and the Mugwumps, for the first time in 1963.

Mama Cass’s Daughter Discusses The Star’s Bravery, See More

The marriage was never consummated and was canceled in 1968. It was a platonic set up to assist him in escaping being drafted during the Vietnam War. Elliot married Donald von Wiedenman, a writer and heir to a Bavarian barony, in 1971. After only a few months of marriage, Cass’s marriage fell apart.

Mama Cass’s Daughter Talks About The Star’s Bravery

Owen was raised all by her mother Mama Cass; Owen holds great respect for her mother, for her bravery and courage. Mama Cass was different from all the singers of that time.

Owen believes people loved her for being so identifiable and bold enough to rule the music industry when it was all male-dominated. Owen Elliot has never spoken publicly about her mother before, but she believes it is now her mom’s turn. She sees her as a pioneer for being a female music singer who was, to put it bluntly, obese.

Cass dropped out of high school six months before graduating and moved to New York to follow the passion she always carried.

But initially, she had to do the jobs which barely got her anything until she saw Denny Doherty at a club and “drank him under the table,” Owen says. John agreed to make major alterations to the group considering Cass’s talent whereas initially, he thought she wouldn’t fit in and changed the name of the group from New Journeymen to The Mamas & The Papas.

Owen says It was hard to watch her mother wrestle with the weight, going on for 5 days drinking only water, and then having only steak for two days; even after all that nothing stopped her from having Owen.

Owen says and expresses respect toward her mother for not giving up even after being criticized for being obese. She used to call Owen Owenski because she was her ‘own’. Owen also proudly flaunts the part where her mother wrote a song named ‘Lady Love’ and dedicated it to her. 

Cass died at the age of 32 in her sleep due to a heart attack. Her intense dieting had become her death sentence. Owen was only a seven-year-old then. Cass had written a letter to that young daughter before dying, saying how much she missed her.

Owen says that her grandmother broke the news to her saying “your mother isn’t coming home”. She says she hadn’t understood it completely then, but she was devasted when she was asked whom she wanted to live with her grandmother or her aunt Leah and her husband.

That is when Owen says she realized her hero of a mother was gone and she had to get used to her new life.

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