After 4 days On The Stand, Johnny Depp Was Interrogated Concerning Texts To Ex-Wife Amber Heard

Johnny Depp Was Interrogated Concerning Texts To Ex-Wife Amber Heard

Actor Johnny Depp concluded a grueling 4 days at the witness stand Monday, telling jurors in a relaxed voice that he filed his libel lawsuit in opposition to his ex-spouse as it changed into his great chance to reclaim his reputation, simply hours when they heard audio clips of him berating his spouse with coarse vulgarities.

Johnny Depp’s Texts To Ex-Wife Amber Heard Were Questioned After He spent Four Days On The Stand

“It became the most effective time I changed into capable of fight back and use my personal voice,” Depp stated of his choice to sue Amber Heard for a 2018 op-ed piece in The Washington Post wherein she refers to herself as “a public determine representing home abuse.”

Johnny Depp Was Interrogated Concerning Texts To Ex-Wife Amber Heard

He keeps on denying ever hitting Heard and accused her of hitting him and throwing things like paint cans and vodka bottles at him. And jurors heard an audio clip of communication between Depp and Heard wherein she appears to taunt him and indicates he might not be believed or reputable if he had been to publicly cast her as an abuser.

“Tell them, I, Johnny Depp, and I am going through domestic abuse … and find out the number of individuals considered with you,” Heard explains in the recording.

On Monday, however, they listened to recordings in which Depp mentioned the violence that would have occurred if their arguments had been allowed to escalate.

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“The next step, if I don’t go…… it will be a bloodbath, the cult was on the island,” Depp says in the tape.

In several clips, Depp yells vulgarity at his wife, calling it a humiliating plea and yelling “You’re fucking stupid.

Depp gasped on the stand as one of the clips transitioned to play; Heard again, he seemed to be holding back tears for many reasons as he listened to the recordings.

On redirect Monday afternoon, Depp sought to give an explanation for a number of his coarse languages. He stated he become frequently talks figuratively or makes internal jokes with friends, however, added, “I’m ashamed that that must be on the sector like peanut butter.”

And he once more denied that he cut his finger in the course of combat with Heard, despite the fact that he instructed people a lot on the time. Now he says his finger was cut while Heard was throwing a bottle of vodka at him.

The jury has watched dozens of Depp’s texts to buddies concerning his drinking, drug use, and interactions together along with his ex-wife, in addition to his notes of contrition to Heard and her father.

He referred to the drug dependency accusations in opposition to him “grossly embellished,” even though he recounted taking many drugs.

Depp says the Post article contributed to an unfairly ruined popularity that made him a Hollywood outcast and charge him his position withinside the lucrative “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie franchise. Heard’s lawyers say simplest Depp is accountable for his marred career.

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