TimTheTatman Age, Career, Net Worth 2022, Income, Salary, Cars, Career, Bio

TimTheTatman Age, Career, Net Worth 2022, Income, Salary, Cars, Career, Bio

Timothy John Betar is a well-known YouTuber and he is also a twitch streamer in America. This famous YouTuber was born on 8th April 1990 in Syracuse, New York. So he is 32 years old now.

Things To Know About Tim The Tatman’s Net Worth, Career

The famous gamer spent his childhood in New York. He has grown as an only child in New York. He used to play computer games most of the time in his childhood. But his father did not like it because he was a very intelligent student. He lost his Mather at the early age of 15.

TimTheTatman Age, Career, Net Worth 2022, Income, Salary, Cars, Career, Bio

Tim Tatman Personal life:

Over the 32 years old gamer Mr. timthetatman turned his passion into a successful career. He has completed his graduation from North park university of chico.

On some special occasions especially on Mother’s Day, he paid tribute to his mother. And in many events or in general conversations he has always talked about his mother and how much he misses his mother.

He says if his mother would have been there, she could be able to see his success, and maybe she would feel very happy to see her son as a successful man. He has left with his father after his mother’s death.

After that, his father started to support his gaming which is likely one of the reasons behind his success. A few years ago he introduced his father to his stream, and the moment when his father met his fans both were very excited. Besides, Tim and ninja both have appeared together in their streams.

We have tried to collect information about his siblings but there is no solid information visible about his siblings. So it is told that he is an only child.

Timthetatman got married in 2016 to Alexis. They have known each other since high school. This couple has a son. The name of their son is Brewer.

Tim The Tatman Professional life:

In 2012 he started his career by live-streaming his games on twitch. At the beginning of his career, he was a social worker on the stage of twitch streaming.

He joined YouTube on 24th January 2013. And then he started to upload his gaming content on YouTube to reach out to more people. His content shows the popular Battle Royale game Fortnite.

Additionally, he stated to perform gaming challenges, role plays, and TikTok reviews. Sometimes he also collaborates with other streamers such as ninja, Drlupo, dakotaz, myth, and nickmercs.

As per information, he is a member of the Fortnite Community. He was nominated for the gaming awards in 2020. Though he has won many awards. Gamer award is certainly a big achievement in his gaming career.

Net Worth of timthetatman and cars

Nowadays Tim is the richest gaming streamer. His net worth is $10 million in 2022. In 2021 his net worth was $8 million. In 2020 he earned $5 million. Though his journey was very difficult. The number of his views on YouTube is 320,000. He earned $3.00 per subscriber.

He achieved more than 2 million subscribers. Although he has always been a fan of the jeep, recently he bought a black Hennessy maximums jeep gladiator with the Ridiculous hellcat engine.

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