Although The Kidnapping Of Sherri Papini Was Fake, The Fear It Incited In Her California Village Was Genuine

Although The Kidnapping Of Sherri Papini Was Fake

Sherri Papini is 39 years old and considered a super mom. But later, she did a mischievous action that shattered the trust of her village in California.

The Kidnapping Of Sherri Papini Was Fake, But The Fear It Caused In Her California Village Was Genuine!!

She was allegedly abducted, but actually, she was with her ex-boyfriend named James Reyes. Sherri Papini’s home is only 150 miles from James Reyes’ home in Costa Mesa, California, which is also only 150 miles from Sherri Papini’s.

She told the media that she’d been caught by two Hispanic women while she was going to work near her home. All the incidents took place in November 2016. 

Although The Kidnapping Of Sherri Papini Was Fake

Sherri Papini filed for divorce

Sherri Papini filed for a divorce in 2016. She was found guilty of making false abduction scenes and disturbing the peace of NBC.

Above all, the lawyer for Sherri Papini said that she is filing for two counts. Firstly, for creating a false abduction and, secondly, for lying to law enforcement authorities as she told the court that she was caught by two Hispanic women.

However, she accepted that she was under pressure from the national media. Recently, Keith Papini, husband of Sherri Papini, filed for custody of her kids as he wants to give them a secure and peaceful environment.

As Keith Papini has appealed to the court, he wants to keep his children away from the negative impact and notoriety of their mother. 

Children of Sherri Papini

Sherri Papini was blessed with two beautiful kids, and she called herself Supermom. She has two sons named Tyler Papini and Violet Papini. 

Sherry Papini’s mental illnesses

After she was found guilty, the courts asked her to show any report and record of treatment for her mental illness. Sherri Papini told the court that she was taking the treatment of two diseases regarding psychopathic issues.

For example, depression, anxiety disorder, and PTSD since her middle school days. However, he wrote in the file that she was not acting in a rational manner. 

The story Sherry made of her abduction:

Sherri Papini escaped on November 1, 2016. His husband was worried and filed a missing report. where her appearance was written as last seen near the old Oregon Trail.

She’s been missing since November 2, 2016; her age is 34; her hair is blonde, and her height is 5′. She’s been missing for 3 weeks and was found about 150 miles away from her house with her ex-boyfriend.

After she got caught, she told the media that she was chained in a closet, beaten, and with a chain around her wrist. Sherri Papini’s hair had been cut and there was a mark on her left shoulder.

Above all, she explained a whole fake story to the California people and even demanded punishment for the kidnappers as they had assailants. However, she claimed to be beaten by a heat tool. 

To conclude, she just made up a story, and after the investigation, police found her fake and ordered her to stay in jail. According to the magistrate judge, Jeremy Peterson, she has been sentenced to be in prison for 25 years. In addition, she needs to submit a $500,000 fine. 

Even though the story of Sherri Papini was fake, the people of the California village got disturbed and their peace of mind got distracted for 22 weeks. 

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