Ivy Angst: Age, Bio, Career, Relationship, And Net Worth Parents!!

Ivy Angst

If you are interested in reality shows and food then you must have heard the name of the popular reality show called “Masterchef Junior”. You must have also heard about its famous contestant- IvyAngst. 

Know About Ivy Angst and Her Early Life

Ivy Angst is a chef who is best known for her spell on season 7 of MasterChef Junior. Ivy Angst was the co-runner-up of the show, Masterchef Junior.

The main aim of Ivy Angst in cooking is to clear out the strict division between high-end cuisine for adults and what is generally offered on a menu for kids.

Ivy Angst came back to school after the show, Masterchef Junior, but resumed cooking and hosting private culinary events. Ivy Angst made her first appearance on MasterChef in 2019. 

Ivy Angst is a resident of Brookhaven, Georgia. Ivy Angst is creating a movement for the revolution of upgradations in the manner restaurants offered kids patrons.

Ivy loves to explore the world when found out that when she was a kid she did not have a healthy option when she received the menu of kids.


Generally, there are only 5 to 6 options on many menus for kids- burger with fries, mac, and cheese, pasta with a burger, chicken fingers, and unseasoned marinara, and once in a while, you hear the name of hot dog. 

One day, Ivy Angst and her loved family were going somewhere and they did not want to spend extra money on food for their kids, so all they could do was to choose the food from the menu for kids. By the end of the trip, Ivy fell sick and gloomy. And, yes! That is when she got the idea of change. 

Quick Facts About Ivy Angst 

1. Ivy Angst is a dwarf person. 

2. Ivy Angst is 42 inches in height. 

Age of Ivy Angst 

Ivy Angst was born on 15 July of the year 2006. Thus, Ivy Angst is currently 15 years old. 

Interesting Facts About Ivy Angst 

1. Ivy Angst loves to eat at amazing high-end restaurants. 

Boyfriend/husband of Ivy Angst 


Net Worth and Career Of Ivy Angst 

Ivy Angst has become one of the most famous media personalities through her unique idea of food in kids’ restaurants.


Ivy Angst is very much popular among people and people are often seeing searching about her, her age, her net worth, her relationship, her life, and many other things about her life all over the internet

Ivy Angst does cook on her own and prefers it but has parental supervision when she cooks. Although Ivy Angst has dwarfism and stands at only 42 inches, it hasn’t been a hindrance to her.

Ivy Angst’s Parents 

Thomas and Timna Angst are the parents of Ivy Angst. She lives with her mother and sister after her parents divorced.