Is It Possible That Deebo Samuel Will Join The NFC North Squad? 

Is It Possible That Deebo Samuel Will Join The NFC North Squad 

If there are chances that the San Francisco 49ers deal its wide receiver, Deebo Samuel, in the current year, so are there any chances that the Minnesota Vikings will have to deal with Deebo Samuel in the NFC North? Of course, definitely, it would be fun to see if Minnesota Vikings could make it clear to find a path to obtain ace wide receiver, Deebo Samuel, in trade business with the San Francisco 49ers. 

If Deebo Samuel Joins The NFC, What Are The Chances?

Yes! There are various numerous chances that anything can take place, particularly during the offseason of the 2022 NFL, but the real chances of Deebo Samuel getting into the Minnesota Vikings are actually quite low.

Nevertheless, if the San Francisco 49ers, do not trade off its ace wide talented reiver, Deebo Samuel, a few people believe that Deebo Samuel might end up with the NFC North. If this takes place, Minnesota Vikings would be facing Deebo Samuel two times every season. 

Two NFC North opponents of the Minnesota Vikings are mentioned as probably giving spaces for San Francisco 49ers WR Deebo Samuel.

Recently, Kevin Patra of the team of NFL has listed 10 teams from the NFL that have the potential of taking up Deebo Samuel in the trade with San Fransico prior to the beginning of the session of the year 2022. Between the team, Kevin Patra mentioned the Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers, two divisional opponents of the Minnesota Vikings.

The Sources Opine

According to Kevin Patra, if the Packers are in sight of taking up the ace, Deebo Samuel, the inclusion of the pass of All-Pro “will reduce major serious worries about the ace room in the Green Bay” following the going away of Davante Adams earlier the current year.

Kevin Patra believes for the Lions that the lions have the potential for taking up Deebo Samuel since afterward Detroit is in the want of an “alpha veteran receiver,” and the toil morality of the present San Francisco 49ers pass catcher “sets with Dan Campbell’s modus operandi.’’ 

The Actual Tussle

If Deebo Samuel is made to make a choice between the two, Deebo Samuel going with the Lions would be a smaller worry for Minnesota Vikings. Nevertheless, Deebo Samuel is talented enough to raise the offense of Detroit, and make a go-round into one that would make lead to a birth of problems for the Minnesota Vikings in the future matches among the two NFC North opponents.

Eventually, if Deebo Samuel ends up with the Packers then it might definitely be nothing less than a nightmare because everyone is aware of how furious he can get in a crime that takes up Aaron Rodgers as its starter pack.


Even, Kevin Patra hint that how the ace, Deebo Samuel would be a perfect fit in the offense of Green Bay. But, yet, the Packers are still sighted as one of the greatest opponents of the San Fransico 49ers in the NFC, thus the possibilities, gratefully, are viewed very low that Deebo Samuel will be joining Green Bay.

No matter what takes place with Deebo Samuel, it resumes being much more transparent every day that Samuel does not want to be a part of the San Fransico 49ers anymore.