Dawne Haskins’ Ex-Pittisburgh Steelers Quarterback Is Laid To Rest, Dawne Haskins’s Wife Breaks Down In Tears

Dawne Haskins’ Ex-Pittisburgh Steelers Quarterback Is Laid To Rest

A very tragic incident has happened recently as most people know about it a young and efficient football player passed away. He was 24 years old bright young man.

Dawne Haskins’ Ex-Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback Lays To Rest, Leaving Her Wife In Tears

Last Sunday Dawne Haskins was stricken by a dump truck in the early morning he went for a walk on the south Florida highway and the shaking moment comes when it is declared that he is no more.

The sea of condolences has fallen on Dawne Haskins’ family as well as upon the ground of football. His wife Kalabrya broke down in tears. At his funeral, she showed all her respect and love to her husband for the last time though this incident brings sorrow and changed her life on a different path.

Dawne Haskins’ Ex-Pittisburgh Steelers Quarterback Is Laid To Rest

To give him honor a memorial organized in QB’s memorial where her wife has released a dove as his death has been happened quite untimely. More ceremonies of his memories will take place in the country.

On the weekend a memorial will be organized in Christ church in his motherland New Jersey and on Sunday at the former high school in Potomac, Maryland. The owner of the Pittsburg Steelers (Urban Mayer and Ryan Shazier) has attended his funeral.

Indiana Maninda a spokesman said about the accident that Haskins was about to cross the westbound lanes of Interstate 595 and there was oncoming traffic. The time was around 7:00 a.m. on April 9. According to his wife that day, he was out to purchase gasoline for his own car. 

His family got deepest condolences from the people of the country and in reply, she said that all the condolences have been appreciated and valued.

She showed her gratitude for the crisis she is going through. She also added with it that it’s the biggest loss in her life and he will be her love till the end of her life and will be retained in his family’s heart. She wishes that may his soul rest in peace in heaven.

Mike Tomlin, the coach of Pittisburgh Steelers states that he is quite astonished by the loss of untimely death of Haskins. He also said that Haskings was very friendly and by his hard work he became the family of the steelers community and was a very good teammate as well.

He is quite devastated by the incident. Their team is always there for his entire family. Ron Rivera who is the commander coach said that Haskins was a very confident and talented person who didn’t think about stepping back in his entire life. He used to be humble about taking any decisions.

Washington Redskins chose him in the first round of the NFL draft. He joined the Pittsburgh Steelers in the last year and give the service till his last breath.

In 201 he signs on the four years rookie contract which was $14.37 million with $8.47 million in worth. The last contract he gave his concent that was for one year on March 16, 2022.

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