Chrishell Stause’s Age, Height, Bio, Career, Relationship, Net Worth 

Chrishell Stause's Age, Height, Bio, Career, Relationship, Net Worth 

If you are interested in reality shows on Netflix then you must have heard the name of the popular reality show called “Selling Sunset”. You must have also heard about its famous actress- Chrishell Stause. 

Top Things To Know About Chrishell Stause’s Career, Net Worth

Chrishell Stause is one of the most famous media personalities in America. Chrishell Stause is very much popular among people and people are often seeing searching about her, her age, her net worth, her relationship, her life, and many other things about her life all over the internet. 

Chrishell Stause's Age, Height, Bio, Career, Relationship, Net Worth 

Know About Chrishell Stause and Her Early Life:

Christell Stause is a well-known American actress. The full name of Chrishell Stause is Terrina Christell Stause. Christell Stause is very well known for the role played by her in the reality show on Netflix known as the Selling Sunset.

She is also known for the previous roles played by her All My Children as Amanda Dillon and on Days of Our Lives as Jordan Ridgeway. Terrina Christell Stause was born on the 21st of the month of July of the year 1981. 

Draffenville of Kentucky was the place where the actress, Terrina Christell Stause took birth. The actress, Terrina Christell Stause, went to Murray State University. In 2003, Terrina Christell Stause received her in B.A. in theater.

The middle name of the actress is “Chrsihell” that is originated from her day of birth. The mother of the actress was in labor pain at the station of Shel, and an attendant named “Chris” helped her mother in her delivery. Thus, originated the word “Chrishell”. 

Date Of Birth21 July 1981
Height5 ft 5 in (1.65 m)
Weight55 Kg
Net Worth$6 million

Chrishell Stause’s Quick Facts: 

1. The actress is best known for the role played by her in the reality show on Netflix called “Selling Sunset”.

2. The actress has appeared on many TV shows including All My Children, Days of Our Lives, and Youthful Daze. 

3. The actress was nominated for an Emmy, particularly, Outstanding Guest Performer in a drama series.

4. The actress frequently spends time with her mother and sister, specifically after her mother was recognized for terminal cancer.

Chrishell Stause’s Age: 

According to the sources media, Chrishell Stause’s birthday falls on the 21st of the month of July and in 2022 she is going to complete 41 years of her life.

Chrishell Stause’s Interesting Facts: 

1. Christell Stause is presently a realtor associate at The Oppenheim Group. 

2. The actress works with the charity Upward Bound House to aid decrease the number of families that are homeless in Los Angeles.

3. The actress is also a real estate agent. 

Chrishell Stause’s Boyfriend/Husband:

Justin Hartley (m- 2017. D- 2021)

Net Worth and Career:

Chrishell Stause’s net worth is around 6 million. Chrishell Stause started her career in 2005, she played the role of Amanda Dillon in the year 2005, Chrishell Stause started her professional career. The actress played Amanda Dillon in All My Children. 

In the year 2017, the actress made her debut in Hollywood with a movie titled “The Young and the Restless” and in the year 2020, she starred in the movie Eve of Subduction.

She joined Dancing with the Stars in the same year. And in the year 2021, she made her appearance in the reality show on Netflix “Selling Sunset”. 

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