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Mike Tyson Punched An Aeroplane Passenger, And Things Got Crazier From There, Find Out More

Michael Gerard Tyson is a well-known former professional boxer in America. His nicknames were iron mike and kid dynamite at the beginning of his career. Then he is known as the baddest man on the planet. Mike Tyson is considered one of the best heavyweight boxers of all time.

What Happened To Mike Tyson’s Incident With An Airplane Passenger?

For a few days, Mike Tyson is in news for punching his co-passenger. Though it is shocking news. This news is first screened by TMZ TV. According to the report, Mike Tyson punched his co-passenger in flight. It happened on a board plane which was going to Florida from sun Francisco.

As per the information, the passenger became excited to sit behind a heavyweight boxer on the plane. The co-passenger took a selfie with the boxing star after the boxer had agreed with him to take a picture and then he was trying to speak with him.

The fan started to irritate him. Mike Tyson lost his cool and got very angry and repeatedly punched him in the head. The fan started bleeding after getting those heavy punches.

The video has been posted on the Instagram handle by TMZ TV. After posting this shocking video clip, it did not take time to go viral. The netizens started commenting. They shared their opinions. Someone wrote that how rich people use their power and kill the poor.

A representative for Mike Tyson Said to the associated press through the email that this is very unfortunate that Tyson had a worsened incident on the flight with an invasive passenger who has started harassing him and he threw a water bottle at the boxing star when he was sitting in his seat although the water bottle is not visible in the video clip.

As per the video clip, the man was seen while he stood over Tyson when he took his seat quietly. He started waving his arms and also the fan started taking in an animated fashion.

According to the statement that sun Francisco police officers gave on Thursday after the police officers responded on Wednesday to a physical altercation on a plane at the domestic terminal of the airport, the officers were called and after their arrival, they detained both Mike Tyson and the fan that was mainly involved in the incident.

One was treated for making the scene and for non-life-threatening injuries. Another one just provided minimal details of the incident and he refused to cooperate with the police for further information. Both Mike Tyson and his co-passenger were released pending further investigation.

Mike Tyson is known for losing his violence inside and outside the ring. He was convinced of rape and served three years of prison in 1992. He made a mistake in 1997 by biting off part of the ear of his opponent and then he was disqualified for this incident.

As per the federal aviation administration, more than 7000 unruly incidents of passengers have Been reported in the US from February 2021 although seventy persons of them involved masking rules.

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