The End Of Who Made Me A Princess Chapter 125! The Plot And The Release Date


Who Made Me A Princess is a well-known Korean webtoon series that is one of the most famous in the country. Spoon illustrated the webtoon Who Made Me A Princess, which is based on Pluto’s webbook of the same name.

On the 20th of December of 2017, Ridibooks broadcasted the webtoon serial Who Made Me A Princess. The webtoon series’ first season was released with a total of 46 episodes.

Who Made Me A Princess Chapter 125 Release Date

On the 10th of July in the year 2019, the webtoon series made a comeback with its second season. The webtoon series added 35 more episodes with the publication of its second season. Season 3 began on November 30th, 2020, and ended on November 30th, 2021.

The End Of Who Made Me A Princess Chapter 125 Plot And Release Date

Who Made Me A Princess is based on the expedition of Athanasia de Alger Obelia, a South Korean girl who was reborn as a royal princess of the Abelian empire in a fictional story known as The Lovely Princess.

In the plot, the princess Athanasia was slain without mercy by her wicked father, King Claude de Alger Obelia. The king was wrongly accused of poisoning Jennette Margarita, the princess she adored. To escape her awful fate, Athanasia decides to build a loving and affectionate relationship with her new father.

The plot of Who Made Me A Princess is as follows

Athanasia, the lovely princess, was ruthlessly murdered by her biological father, the cold-blooded monarch, Claude de Alger Obelia! The story is nothing more than a ridiculous bedtime story… Until a lady wakes up to discover she has been transformed into an unhappy princess.

She devises a strategy to avoid her cursed fate, but she is running out of time. Will she follow Plan A and try to survive as quietly as possible without drawing the attention of the dreaded king?

Or will she follow Plan B and acquire enough money to flee the kingdom? Or will she be stuck with the last strategy, Plan C, of sugaring her way into her father’s good graces?

Who Made Me A Princess: Highlights

Rank– 1st, it has 407.5K monthly views

Author(s)- Plutus

Artist(s)- Plutus

Genre(s)-, Fantasy, Comedy, Romance, Slice of Life, Shoju Type- Updating

Chapter 125 of Who Made Me A Princess: THE FINALE!

In the next chapter of Who Made Me A Princess, the plot of Athanasia’s quest to become a princess will be continued. On April 28, 2022, Chapter 125 of the webtoon series Who Made Me A Princess will be posted. Readers and admirers will be able to read the Manhwa series solely on Webtoon, Naver, and Kakaopage’s legally official pages.