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Selling Sunset Season 5 Release Date, Cast, And Latest News

Selling Sunset is one of the most popular and well-known American reality TV shows developed for Netflix. The creator of the popular reality television show is Adam DiVello.

The reality show, Selling Sunset, roams around Oppenheim Group, a film in Los Angeles of an exclusive real estate brokerage, and goes after a group of agents as they steer their private and professional lives. 

When Will Selling Sunset Season 5 Get Released?

The first season of the reality show was broadcasted with a total of eight-episode on the 21st the month of March of the year 2019.

The show made its comeback on the 22nd of the month of May of the year 2020, and then it came up with its third season on the 7th of August of the year 2020.

The reality show, Selling Sunset, was renewed on 11th March of the year 2021 by Netflix for its fourth and fifth seasons. 

The show was nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award for the Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program of the year 2021. Season 4 of the Selling Sunset premiered on the 24th of the month of November of the year 2021.

Netflix made an announcement that two spin-offs of the series are in pre-production, Selling Tampa, which goes after the attraction of reality organization in Florida, and Selling the OC, which goes after the branch of Oppenheim Group in Newport beach. 

The cast of the Reality Show, Selling Sunset: 

List of Seasons and Episodes 

Season 1 (2019)

No.overallNo. in seasonTitleOriginal release date
11“If Looks Could Sell”March 22, 2019
22“Can’t Have Your Cake and Eat It Too”March 22, 2019
33“(Real) Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend”March 22, 2019
44“Loose Lips Sink Relationships”March 22, 2019
55“The One That Got Away”March 22, 2019
66“Real Estate Hunger Games”March 22, 2019
77“It Takes Two to Make a Thing Go Right”March 22, 2019
88“The Gloves Come Off”March 22, 2019

Season 2 (2020)

91“Let the Real Estate Games Begin”May 22, 2020
102“Billionaires Have Compounds”May 22, 2020,
113“Sorry, Not Sorry”May 22, 2020
124“The Red Engagement Party”May 22, 2020
135“I’m No Soldier”May 22, 2020
146“The Wait Will Be Worth the Wait”May 22, 2020
157“That’s Why They Call It Real Estress”May 22, 2020
168“Karma’s Gonna Get You”May 22, 2020

Season 3 (2020)

171“Back to Business”August 7, 2020
182“Confidence Is Key”August 7, 2020
193“The Biggest Agent in the Room”August 7, 2020
204“Everybody Loves Mary”August 7, 2020
215“Bad News Travels Fast”August 7, 2020
226“One Text Changes Everything”August 7, 2020
237“Two Sides to Every Story”August 7, 2020
248“A Not So White Wedding”August 7, 2020

Season 4 (2021)

251“Very High Heels to Fill”November 24, 2021
262“New Friends, Old Enemies”November 24, 2021
273“Rival Arrival”November 24, 2021
284“The Emma Dilemma”November 24, 2021
295“Let Sleeping Dogs Lie”November 24, 2021
306“A House for a Hero”November 24, 2021
317“Back on the Market”November 24, 2021
328“The Truth Hurts”November 24, 2021
339“The Beginning of the End”November 24, 2021
3410“One Last Hail Mary”November 24, 2021

Selling Sunset Season 5 Release Date 

Selling Sunset season 5 will start broadcasting on April 22, Friday at 3 a.m. ET on Netflix.

The Cast of Selling Sunset Season 5 

Christine Quinn will be making her comeback for season 5. With the look of the poster, we can anticipate that our favorites will be coming back: Jason and Brett Oppenheim, Christine, Chrishell, Mary, Heather Rae Young, Amanza Smith, Maya Vander, and Davina Potratz, and  Emma and Vanessa as well.

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