Ken Jeong Tweeted Nonstop During His ‘Masked Singer’ Walk-Off Moment On April 20th, 2022!! 

Ken Jeong Tweeted Nonstop During His 'Masked Singer' Walk-Off Moment

If someone asks you why you watch Fox. So, the only answer will be the crazy game show called “The Masked Singer”. There are many hells scenes in the masked singer show. But one of the best episodes of this show is on April 20th, 2022 as it has the worst walk-off moment.

During Masked Singer’s Walk-Off Moment In 2022, Ken Jeong Tweeted Nonstop!

The show Masked Singer already had such an amazing episode in which it shows the image of Sarah Palin, bear dress, rap of “Baby Got Black”, etc. But the most amazing part of this whole thing is that the host of this show has not any problem with these activities.

Ken Jeong Tweeted Nonstop During His 'Masked Singer' Walk-Off Moment

On Wednesday night April 20th, 2022 Ken Jeong tweeted nonstop during his “Masked Singer” walk-off moment. Ken Jeong didn’t let any of the babble through the controversial walk-off moments on Masked Singer.

While in February, the running season of Masked Singer was being recorded at that time it is reported that the Mayor of New York City (Rudy Giuliani) and the personal lawyer of President Donald Trump were being unmasked on the show Masked Singer, thus the Ken Jeong protested it and soon left the stage.

Since then, the viewers of this show are waiting to see the costume in which Rudy Giuliani was hiding behind. In the episode of Wednesday, April 20th, 2022 former associate attorney general was Jack in the Box is declared by the host of the show Nick Cannon.

Ken Jeong was in silent mode and also visibly upset as Ken soon knew who was up on the stage. Although the judge of the show Nicole Scherzinger did not tell anybody who was on the stage.

So, when the mask was opened then Nicole, Jenny McCarthy, as well as Robin Thicke, was expressing happiness and shock at the same time. While Ken was totally in silent mode with an upset facial expression.

“Bad to the Bone” was Rudy’s last performance since the Masked Singer Season 7 contestant raised questions about why he decided to do the show. That’s when Ken broke the silence and said “And I’m done” before leaving the stage.

Now twitting on the masked singer show is becoming their signature fashion of Ken. And thus, it is not unexpected that Ken Jeong Tweeted nonstop during his “Masked Singer” walk-off moment. Often it seems that Ken’s Twitter carries Masked Singer tweets.  

Ken Jeong is one of the funny actors and thus his tweet is also funny. He ends his tweet with two- a minutes video of Space Bunny performing “Jump in the Line”. As Ken’s tweet was funny for the public so the people enjoy watching that fun song and made fun of that.

“The good news is that you absolutely won the Cuddly crown according to his audience,” Jenny said. Later on, Ken added, “That’s the bottom line”.

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