Katharine McPhee In A Bathing Suit Says, ’Happy Earth Day’

Katharine McPhee In A Bathing Suit Says, ’Happy Earth Day’

Katharine Hope McPhee Foster is a famous American singer and songwriter. Recently she posted her picture in a swimsuit and She added a caption with the picture, “Happy (almost) Earth Day!….”. She has posted her fabulous figure posing in the ocean.

It seems like she has already celebrated the day full of enthusiasm and joy.

Katharine McPhee In A Bathing Suit Proclaims Happy Earth Day

 Through the caption, she directly states that Earth Day is another important day for the people of the world. Being a part of nature it is our responsibility to take care of the planet so that our next generations can inhabit it.

Perhaps she is the most passionate about nature and environmental causes are important to her as she said in her caption. 

Katharine McPhee In A Bathing Suit Says, ’Happy Earth Day’

Earth Day:

Earth day is celebrated on the 22nd of April. People across the world take a part to preserve nature from several causes like deforestation and pollution by planting plants and seeds. Specially the day is celebrated to arise awareness among people.

The day has been celebrated since 1970. In 1969 United States had gone through an incident as people walked on the streets to protest against Santa Barbara Oil Spill and it takes a crucial part in arise awareness about environmental issues.

Senator Gaylord Nelson from Wisconsin was intensely concerned about environmental issues as he and many people of the country witnessed the destruction of the massive Oil Spill in Santa Barbara which causes environmental, water, and air pollution.

Mr. Nelson organized an assembly on college campuses the announce the idea of a teach-in about environmental issues in front of national media and recruited Danis Hayes who was the young activist of the contemporary time. Since then, they started teach-ins and they choose the day April 22.  

Senator Gaylord Nelson contributed a lot to making people realize the importance and the potential of the day. He made up a group of 85 people and soon faith groups, a wide range of organizations included in it, and changed the name Earth Day.

It inspired the Americans and people of the United States at the time. The impacts of industrial development had been demonstrated in parks, auditoriums, and streets which causes the ravages on human health.

In 1970 The First Earth Day led to generate the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the passage of their first environmental laws including the Health Act, Occupational Safety, and National Environmental Educational Act.

Later these laws helped to protect millions of people and many species from extinction. 

In 1990 Danis Hayes was approached for a global campaign by the environmental leaders. The impact of the campaign speeded worldwide. Senator Nelson had been awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Bill Clinton.

Today Earth Day is celebrated widely across the world. The awareness of climate change has been increasing day by day and as well as people are taking an essential part to create the world more beautiful.

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