James Harden and Joel Embiid’s Heated Exchange With Their Teammate Sends NBA Fans In A Tailspin

James Harden and Joel Embiid's Heated Exchange With Their Teammate Sends NBA Fans In A Tailspin

It was interesting in Game 3 between the Philadelphia 76ers and the Toronto Raptors. After chasing for the whole game, it was decided to take the game to overtime by the sixers and won on an insane three from Joel embiid.

An Angry Exchange Between James Harden And Joel Embiid Sends NBA Fans Into A Tailspin

The Sixers had needed to do it without the help of James harden in overtime, as harden fouled himself out in the fourth quarter.

Though an odd thing has been noticed by everyone in the first half. Danny Green was denied the call when he looses a ball foul near the end of the second quarter.

James Harden and Joel Embiid's Heated Exchange With Their Teammate Sends NBA Fans In A Tailspin

And then he started arguing with the refs and his teammate did not want him to get into more trouble, so they have tried to stop him but Green did not try to understand anything and as a result, Green made the situation worse when Harden and Embiid both tried their best to stop him.

Green made all their efforts fail as he picked up a technical, regardless. In the long run, everybody claimed him down and stop him from getting a second one.

NBA fans got mad when they saw Harden and Embiid hold back green. They could not believe that Harden and Embiid were pushing back their teammate. Even after that, they avoided Green getting a tech, the way they did, but this is not appreciated anymore.

The reaction was Danny Green tweeted ” I’m Danny green, No way I’m letting mfers touch me and push me like that when I got more rings than all of them combined.” There are many people started replying and sharing their opinions.

Danny Green replied to most of those commentaries and convey his view. Somebody says how they needed to calm him and somebody says ” Danny has a right to be mad if you saw the play slowed down.” There are enormous opinions surrounded by everyone’s comments.

Within a second left in overtime, Embiid successfully made a 3 pointer for the sixers and they have made their score a 104-101 victory.

Doc rivers said the timeout with the shot clock racing down and he drew up a play for Embiid. He was able to take an inbound pass from Green and hit a turnaround three to give the Sixers the lead.

This is very unfortunate that the raptors were unable to get the shot off before the horn. By winking this game, the sixers take a commanding 3-0 lead in their first-round series. They have seen the complete sweep on Friday.

Embiid was successfully finished with 33 points and rebounds and rallied the Sixers from a 17 points deficit. Harden has made 19 points and 10 assists and fouled out at the end of regulation.

Anunoby has made 26 while Trent Jr has made 24. In the meanwhile, Siakam and VanVleet had a horrible game, and they only combined for 22 points only.

Then again, all’s well that ends well.

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