Summer Time Rendering Episode 2, Shadow Story! Release Date & Plot

Summer Time Rendering Episode 2, Shadow Story! Release Date & Plot

Summer is here! Regardless, Time Rendering has begun streaming, and the first episode was an intense look ahead for all of its audience. The anime has proven to be the most engrossing mystery collection of the season.

Episode 2 Of Summer Time Rendering: Shadow Story! See More

As a result, the first episode concluded with the most significant cliffhanger and, allegedly, the protagonist’s death. On the other hand, there’s a good chance it won’t happen. And if this is the case, he may be reincarnated, which no one is aware of.

Because anime is still in its early stages, there will be various interpretations when the first episode is released.

Summer Time Rendering Episode 2, Shadow Story! Release Date & Plot


Summer epoch Rendering began with Shinpei recounting his days on the island. He stated that he fled the island five years after his parents died. He was once again learning about the death of Ushio, his greatest childhood friend.

When he first arrived on the island, he was met by Mio, Ushio’s younger sister, and she accompanied him to the burial service. It was later revealed that Ushio died while attempting to save a kid.

Mio wept when she realized her sister was dying. Shinpei and Mio worked at their restaurant the next morning. They have inside information about the child’s circle of relatives moving away.

Mio dashed out, and Shinpei took her in his arms. After much deliberation, Mio determined that her doppelganger undoubtedly murdered Ushio.

Shinpei and Mio were following a gunshot in the woods as the program came to a close, and Mio’s doppelganger immediately assassinated them.

Release date

Summer Time Render Episode 2 will be released on April 21, 2022. It is impossible to forecast the expected events and spoilers of the future episode of Summer Time Render at this time.

Still, the second episode will build on the first episode and showcase Shinpei Ajiro in greater depth, according to us. We may witness him attempting to find solutions to some looming riddles. Again, none of this is confirmed by government sources.


So far, no voice actors for “Summer Time Rendering” have been revealed, so any speculation is just that.

Shinpei, the story’s gloomy protagonist, and his two childhood buddies, Ushio and Mio, are the three apparent possibilities. Despite the fact that the novel opens with Shinpei flying to his hometown to attend Ushio’s funeral, she remains a significant character for the reasons indicated below.

Hiruko/Haine, the story’s primary antagonist, and Shidehiko Hishigata, the shadow who frequently takes the form of a mystery one-eyed girl, are two other important characters.

Another alternative is the Tres Magia, a group of magical girls on a quest to save the Earth. Some of the names on the list are Tetsu Totsumura, Tokiko Hishigata, and Ginjirou Nezu.


While his parents died when he was young, Shinpei Ajiro moved home with his childhood closest friends, sisters Ushio and Mio Kofune.

Shinpei travels to his homeland in Wakayama City on the island of Hitogashima to attend Ushio’s burial. Soon later, he discovers that many of the residents are suffering from a strange “Shadow disease,” which is related to the deaths of Ushio and his parents.

As Shinpei investigates the mystery further, he discovers that he can travel back in time and save Ushio’s death–but only if he can cross several time loops (via Otaku Art).

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