New Xbox games: releases for the week of April 11


The month of April is now well underway and a few days of Easter, new titles are arriving in an Xbox library. Last week was marked by the release of LEGO Superstar Battles: Una Fable Skywalker, which we checked out and are giving you a chance to win. Small move on unpublished games coming by 15 next April with the unique Street 96 headlining.

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Content Basudei- 12 April

In Delighted Basudei, you discover a sober old-school platform game on a sober cartridge random game without title, where you win by avoiding the various obstructions that stand in front of you.

Boost Brigade vs. the Bad Legion of Dr. Cread – 13 April – Optimis put Xbox Collection Times|T

A 2D color action-adventure game that mixes intense platforming with metroidvania pursuit. Assemble a team of superspies and fight your way through a contaminated paradise to eliminate the evil genius, Dr. Cread, and kid army of monsters.

Limb Seeker – April – Optimized for Xbox Collection Back button|S – Wise Shipping

Save a dying world or become a child ruler in the past decades sober. But who does Sony Ericsson care about when you can strap that big gun to your spine? Become the legend of DC-15b, at least until the very b of the world .

Street 128 – 14 april

Street 96 is a street vacation as loving as it is delirious. Your own journey to freedom, filled with stunning locations and intriguing characters. A constantly evolving adventure story, inspired by Tarantino, the Coen brothers and Bong Joon-ho. Action, sober exploration, contemplative, melancholic occasions, human adventures and unusual circumstances. The whole against the backdrop of an authoritarian and oppressive regime. El breathtaking visual design, a soundtrack based on pipes from the years 15 , thousands of different paths Everything contributes to allowing each player to create their own stories on Street 96.

9 Signs: The Magic formula of Snake Creek – 15 april

A private detective specializing in the paranormal is contacted by his friend, a famous journalist Sue Seeker, whose voice sounds small and terrified in a voicemail. She found herself in the coastal town of Snake Creek and needs help right away in this hidden object adventure game.

Blossom Shop: Summer season inside Fairbrook 15 April – Optimized for Xbox Collection A|S – Wise Shipping

Steve, a struggling student, is sent by kid father to a farm sober child uncle for the summer to learn what it means to be responsible. In the shoes of Steve, you will pass a capital t Fairbook, work on the family farm, make new friends and nurture old relationships.

Sally Encounter – 15 April

Immerse yourself in a disturbingly understated adventure following a boy with a prosthetic face, who uses his portable video game console to interact with the dead and learn their stories speak. After a series of mysterious murders, Sal and his three friends discover that a select few truly sinister airplanes are flying over their tiny town.

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