Lords of the Fallen 2 planned for 2023 and Sniper Cat Warrior Agreements 3 under development


Les gives sobre l’Est know how to make sober video games, this home is not new, and we haven’t finished hearing about their productions sober. Beyond the famous teams of Compact disc Projekt Crimson, Poland also has those of CI Video games, the development and publishing facilities which celebrates its years this year and which reveals to us sacred projects through boy’s annual review of 2019.

Lords of the Fallen 2 should show sober cid danne for a sober outing 2023

It is therefore through the company’s annual balance sheet that CI Video games has shared its very good results with a modest increase in turnover 129%, in particular thanks to the titles Sniper Cat Warrior Agreements 2, Oldest Spirits and Tails of Metal, AAs that have known how to meet their public and generate significant revenue for the facility.

The main data on this balance sheet concerns everything even on the return to two central franchises for CI Video games: Lords of the Fallen and Sniper: Cat Soldier. The first had presented its Souls-like formula in 2014 with a very successful first opus. CI Video games founded the young business Hexworks and was in charge of the development of the 2nd opus in 2019: Lords Of The Fallen 2. While the data were quite vague, we finally learn that the game should be released in 2023 on Xbox Collection A|T, PlayStation 5 and Personal computer.

The long-awaited selection sober Lords of the Fallen, released sober 2019, Lords of the Fallen 2 is scheduled for 2023 on Computer, PS5 and Xbox Collection Times/S sober as a full game. The first installment having gathered a base of more than million players, it is essential that we let’s appeal to that open audience with the next new installment, while taking advantage of the significant expansion of the action-RPG genre since the release of the authentic game. LotF2 will feature a series of significant improvements, including a new dark-fantasy aesthetic in keeping with the prominent action role-playing great deal, as well as a completely overhauled and more challenging combat system. The marketing and advertising department is currently conducting audience research to better understand the understanding and penetration of the intellectual property drive, to help define the brand positioning of the new game. A global advertising campaign is expected to begin in the third quarter of 2023.

Still a little sober stamina before sober to be able to officially discover a new title which seems to want to take advantage of the enthusiasm generated by Elden Band, both in the sober game style and in the universe and the inspiration.

Sniper Cat Warrior Agreements 3 well and truly sober development

The other sober number bow of the CI Video games ship, it’s a sober FPS saga focused on shooting sober precision: Sniper Cat Warrior. Puncture in 2008, this game series has forged a solid reputation in the specialized design niche. The report just published by CI Video games reveals to us that a new opus is in the pipeline, the title which will fit the last two Sniper Cat Warrior Agreements respectively launched in 2019 and 2021.

The next game under our business Sniper Cat Warrior was developed by our underdog development team now called Underdog Facility, which previously developed Sniper Cat Warrior Agreements and Sniper Cat Warrior Agreements 2. The recording studio now has around fifty members and is led by an international team of directors, approximately half of whose key sony ericsson skills are located in Poland. The studio room called on divisional subcontractors who played an essential role in the production of Sniper Cat Warrior Agreements and Sniper Cat Warrior Agreements 2. The project is in the process of being created.

Thus, we learn that the teams dedicated Sniper Cat Warrior Agreements learned now name Underdog Business and have more sober fifty members. The third opus is in full development and its official home presentation is more than a weather issue, even if there is still a lot of work to do.

Apart from these two sober discoveries, we also learn that a new Sober IP FPS mixing RPG and survival would be soberly considered within the Polish facilities with the sober name code Task Survive. Finally, all future games from CI Video games will be developed under Unreal Motor 5, a fantastic step forward which will standardize the development of their next major titles with the high quality engine.