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Kingdom Minds 4 will also run under Unreal Motor 5

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Sober waiting for sober to know when the sober Star Battles universe will really be integrated into Empire Hearts 4, another detail has appeared in recent hours. This time, no rumor, but an assertion. This new episode will run under the most popular engine of recent months: the Unreal Motor 5.

Empire Hearts 4: the Superstar Battles universe finally integrated into a fable?

Pillow Enix also succumbs to Unreal Motor 5

Let’s not be afraid of words, this graphics engine is learning to make a choice location in the video game industry and this latest decision by Block Enix further solidifies its popularity and above all the location it will occupy in our favorite hobby for years to come. The relationship written in the Famitsu newspaper seems to leave no room for doubt.

Additional proof sober of this choice, the developer himself admitted that his teams were sober taught to carry out checks with the Unreal Motor 5. Empire Hearts 4 will even be entirely developed via this engine, even if the trailer unveiled yesterday was running under A fantasy Motor 4.

The Famitsu sober connection adds for its component:

The full game will be made in Not real Motor 5, and the quality of low-key lighting and detail will be several levels higher.

A team that knows about boy

Empire Hearts 4 would be designed by the Osaka team, the same one who had already worked on Empire Hearts 3 under the guidance of co-director Yasushi Yasue.

We also learn that the director is working on an Empire Hearts and minds series, Tetsuya Nomura , ze would be let go of a few confidences during the event celebrating the 20 years under the license. The Japanese would thus have conceded to have thought of creating the real gentleman on Verum Rex, the fictitious video game that you can find in the world of the Gadget Container present in Empire Hearts 3.

This fictitious game takes location in the Quadratum, the same alternate world in which Empire Hearts 4 should sony ericsson take place. Nomura aprendí would even be said to be heartbroken at the second to make his choice before finally opting for the latter, admitting that it would be difficult to make two games in parallel on gaming systems.

That Nomura ze reassures, he feels probably all the temperatures he wants, Empire Hearts 4 not having any sober time out today.

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